Why do some cars have TCP on them?

TCP means charter-party carrier according to the public utilities commission. It is a vehicle licensed to drive for hire, such as a limousine. You might see the TCP number as a lower bumper decal as well. If it’s not a limo it could be a black town-car of sorts driving for a service like UberBLACK.

What is a TCP driver?

A valid Transportation Charter Permit (TCP) is needed for charter vehicles to operate legally in the state of California. Charter-party carriers are pre-arranged ground transportation with a driver that charge a fare based on mileage and time, rather than the number of individuals in the vehicle.

How much is a TCP license in California?

Note: The application filing fee for a charter-party permit or certificate is $1,000, except for a Class A charter-party certificate, which requires a filing fee of $1,500. The filing fee must accompany your application.

What is a charter-party carrier?

Charter-Party Carrier (TCP) covers passenger carriers that perform charter service, round trip sightseeing, or passenger transportation under Commission authority. Carriers can obtain specific permits or certificates applicable to their services to the public.

How do I get TCP?

How to Apply for a TCP (Travel Coordination Pass) for Restricted Areas
  1. Click the link on the pop-up message or click “Are you traveling?” on the menu.
  2. Indicate if you’re an APOR, if you’re coming from an ECQ/MECQ Area, your current location, and your destination. …
  3. Fill out the TCP Form. …
  4. Upload the required documents.

What are PUC requirements?

Admissions Requirements for Early Acceptance

You may receive early acceptance to PUC if you qualify based on both of these requirements: Have a secondary-school (high school) unweighted GPA of at least 2.75 over six semesters (freshman-junior year).