What is the meaning of Makayla in the Bible?

Gender: F Meaning of Makayla: “who is like God” Origin of Makayla: Variation of Michaela Makayla’s Popularity in 2016: #165.

Is Makayla a rare name?

1 out of every 1,859 baby girls born in 2020 are named Makayla.

Is Makayla a beautiful name?

In any case, Makayla is a relatively new spelling invention, first showing up on the U.S. popularity graphs in 1989. Clearly, parents found it an attractive alternative to Michaela because it rose pretty quickly to the top of the charts in 10 short years. Today, Makayla is a Top 50 choice for girls’ names.

What does Makayla mean in Hawaii?

one who is like God?’
The meaning of Makayla is ‘one who is like God?’ and the name is of American origin. Another meaning of Makayla is ‘myrtle tree‘ according to a Hawaiian origin. Makayla is an alternative spelling of Michaela and the female version of the Latin name, Michael.

What country is the name Makayla from?

Makayla Origin and Meaning

The name Makayla is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “who is like God”. Now the best-selling version of this infinitely varied name, Makayla incorporates the also-popular Kayla.

What’s a good nickname for Makayla?

Baby Name: Makayla
meaning Who is like God
ends with A
nicknames Mikey Kayla Mike Kaylie
variations Makala Makalae Makalah Makalai Makalea Makalee Makaleh Makalia Makalie Makalya Makela Makelah Makell Makaleigh Makaley Makella
popularity chart births
Mar 4, 2020

What is Makayla in Spanish?

The name Makayla consists of three “a’s”. The two on the end are short “a’s”, while the one in the middle is a long “a”. Ma-Kaay-la. In Spanish, the letter “a” has only one sound “ah”.

Is Mikayla a Russian name?

Michaela (Hebrew מיכאלה) is a female given name. It is a female form of the Hebrew name Michael (מִיכָאֵל), which means “Who is like God”.

Region of origin Israel and portions of Eastern Europe
Other names
Short form(s) Kay, Kayla, Kiki, Mickey, Kaela, Khaeli, Miki, Mic, Mika
Related names Michael Michelle

How do you spell Makayla?

The Americanized spelling of this name, Makayla, is currently the most popular, followed by Mikayla. In third place is the more traditional Michaela. Mikaela with a “k” is the fourth most common spelling variation of this lovely name.

How do you spell s in Spanish?

What does Mikayla mean in Hebrew?

who resembles God
m(i)-kay-la. Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:1061. Meaning:who resembles God?

Is Mikayla a good name?

Some feel that mutating a traditional name into a phonetic spelling is tantamount to “dumbing-down” the name, while others prefer the uniqueness they feel sets the name apart. In any case, Mikayla continues to be a Top 100 favorite in Alaska and Hawaii – the only two non-continental states in the union.

How do you pronounce mikhaila?

  1. Phonetic spelling of mikhaila. mikhaila. Muh-Kay-Lah-Me-Ky-Lah. Me-Kai-Luh.
  2. Meanings for mikhaila. Mikhaila is a feminine name that is taken from the variant of the Hebrew name Michaela, which means “who resembles God?
  3. Translations of mikhaila. Indonesian : CND. Russian : Михаила

Does Mikayla mean gift from God?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Mikayla is: Feminine of Michael, meaning gift from God.

Is Mikayla an Irish name?

Mikayla in Irish is Mealla. The meaning of Mealla is Who is like God.

How do you pronounce Mikiala?

It is pronounced like mickey-all-uhh.

What language is Mikayla?

Mikayla is bay unisex name, main origion is Hebrew. English meanings of Mikayla is “#As the lord” and popular in Christian religion.

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What does the name Michela mean?

In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Michela is: Feminine of Michael: gift from God.

What kind of name is Mikayla?

The name Mikayla is a girl’s name meaning “who is like God”. Less-traditional variation of Michaela that’s found more popularity than the original. The appeal for many parents is that this spelling clarifies pronunciation and also offers two names in one, incorporating the popular Kayla.

How popular is the name Mikayla?

Mikayla Name Popularity
Year Rank % Births
2008 171 0.1249%
2009 179 0.1207%
2010 178 0.1182%
2011 204 0.1055%

Where can I find a baby name?

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Is the name Mikayla Hawaiian?

The name Mikala is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin that means Who Is Like God?. Hawaiian form of the name Michael or Michaela.