What does much to my avail mean?

Of no use or advantage, ineffective, as in All his shouting was to no avail; no one could hear him, or The life jacket was of little or no avail. This idiom uses avail in the sense of “advantage” or “assistance,” a usage dating from the mid-1400s. Also see to little purpose.

What does avail itself mean?

1. Take advantage of, benefit by. For example, To get a better mortgage, he availed himself of the employee credit union. [ Late 1500s]

Can you avail me meaning?

1. If you avail yourself of an offer or an opportunity, you accept the offer or make use of the opportunity.

What does to no avail mean?

Definition of to no avail

: without success They tried to discuss the issue calmly, but to no avail.

How do you use avail yourself in a sentence?

Mrs Foster encouraged the staff to avail themselves of the lodge’s delights. Gaining New Clients – How to avail yourself of the opening of all public contracts to businesses throughout the Community. The Sergeant availed himself of the other.

Is it correct to say avail myself?

Short answer: No, it is not. Long answer: “Avail myself of” means to “take advantage of” or “use”. Some example usages would be: Please avail yourself of the resources available from our help center.

What is availed leave?

In general, casual leaves can be availed for a minimum of half a day to a maximum of three days. Beyond this, leaves should be availed as earned leave or privileged leaves. If the employee wishes to avail the three leaves at the same time, then they need to seek permission from the company.

How do you speak avail?

Do you say avail or avail of?

Think of avail as a synonym of help. In the first example above, residents help themselves. In the second, it helps itself. However, unlike help, the reflexive avail always takes the preposition of.

Is there a word availing?

Present participle of avail. I’m availing myself of the opportunity.

How do you say available correctly?

How do you spell Availeth?

Archaic third-person singular simple present indicative form of avail.

What means make use?

If you make use of something, you do something with it in order to do a job or achieve a particular result or effect. [written] Few found jobs in which they could make use of their new skills. See full dictionary entry for use.

Will we be availed?

1. to be of use, advantage, or value to; profit: All our efforts availed us little. 2. to be of use; have force or efficacy; serve; help: Nothing you do will avail. 3. to be of value or profit. n.

What’s another way to say to no avail?

What is another word for to no avail?to no effectineffectivefailedfruitlessinadequatenugatorypointlessprofitlessunproductiveunprofitable

How do you use bad blood?

Two hours were taken up and much bad blood was occasioned quite unnecessarily in that debate. There will be more bitterness and more bad blood. That is the cause of much of the bad blood and trouble. I am anxious that there shall be no bad blood about this.

What does abortive mean in English?

Definition of abortive

1 obsolete : prematurely born. 2 : fruitless, unsuccessful. 3 : imperfectly formed or developed. 4 : tending to cut short.