What does the Vietnamese girl say in Full Metal Jacket?

Full Metal Jacket’s official tagline is “Vietnam can eliminate me, but it can’t make me care”…

Where did the phrase Buku bucks come from?

From Old French biau cop, first attested circa 1210. Equivalent to beau (“nice, beautiful”) +‎ coup (“hit, strike”). The latter word also means “helping of soup or beverage”, first attested circa 1375, whose sense may have triggered or reinforced beaucoup to mean “a lot”.

What is the meaning of Merci beaucoup?

thank you very much
Definition of merci beaucoup

: thank you very much.

Where does love you long time come from?

Me love you long time,” the words were originally spoken by actress Papillon Soo Soo, who portrays a Vietnamese relationship worker soliciting American GIs in the 1987 Stanley Kubrick film, Full Metal Jacket.

What does beaucoup mean in Vietnamese?

Beaucoup: From the French, meaning “many”. Among the Vietnamese it also means big, much, etc.

What is the reply for Bon Appetit?

thank you
If someone tells you Bon appétit ! you can answer Merci (= thank you) if they’re not eating as well (if they’re a waiter, for instance). If they are eating at the same time, you only need to wish them the same: Bon appétit !

What is C est la vie?

It means ‘such is life’ or ‘that’s life’. When things don’t go according to plan, some people complain non-stop; while others accept the fact that disappointments are a part of life and get on with it. The expression ‘c’est la vie’ is mostly used to downplay your sense of disappointment.

What is Boku in French?

[boku ] adverb. 1. (= en grande quantité) a lot.

How do you respond to breakfast?

You must not reply with ‘Yes I had‘, but instead ‘Yes I have’. This is because ‘Had breakfast? ‘ is an informal way to say ‘Have you had breakfast? ‘ Replying to the dropped ‘Have you’ part, you say ‘I have’.

How do you reply to Merci Beaucoup?

De rien”. “Merci beacoup” means “thank you very much” so you would say “You’re welcome” back. “De rien” means “You’re welcome”.

Is saying Bon Appetit rude?

Wait, what?! Apparently, Meier, who’s also the official etiquette partner for Downton Abbey (casual), says the French phrase is actually highly impolite. Supposedly, it is equivalent to “good digestion,” which would be improper… because bringing up someone’s bowels at the dinner table is off-limits.

How do you respond to had lunch?

Have you had lunch?” is the same as “Did you eat lunch?” You can say, “Yes, I had lunch.” or “Yes, I ate lunch.” OR “No, I didn’t have lunch.” or “No, I didn’t eat lunch.” If you’ve had lunch, say ‘yes’. If you haven’t, say ‘no’.

How do you ask a girl for lunch?

You could text, “Lunch is on me. Want to come try my pasta dish?” or “I just made chicken salad. Let’s meet at the park to eat it.” If you can cook just about anything, leave the menu up to her.

Do you have time yes I do?

How do you respond to done with dinner?

We would say I have finished with my dinner, thank you.

How do I ask for dinner?

In case you’re referring to anything in the past, it would be okay to ask, “Had you had your dinner when (so and so) happened”?, Or “Had you had your dinner by then”? Another way of enquiring about something in the past would be, “were you done with dinner by then”? “Have u had ur dinner” is the correct one.

Have you eaten meaning?

The person is basically asking you whether you already had your dinner/lunch/breakfast. Sometimes, it is an indication that they want to invite you out. Sometimes, it is an indication that they worry about you. Sometimes, it is just an indication to know what you ate that time.

Have you had your lunch Meaning?

The first phrase “Have you had your lunch?” is in its past present form or you are asking him/her about their present situation that he/she has just come past.

Is done your dinner correct?

Yes, it is fine. Native speakers would say it that way, as well as “Have you finished your dinner?” and “Did you finish your dinner?”

Had your lunch or have your lunch?

1) “Have you had lunch?” is preferred. The phrasing suggests that you’re asking something about how the person currently is, specifically whether he is hungry. If you were asking about events from a week ago, then “did you have your lunch?” would be equally as good as “had you eaten/had your lunch?”

How do you say I have my dinner?

Just had dinner‘ is correct if you’re saying you had dinner in the past. If you’re asking someone to go and have dinner, you should use ‘just have dinner. ‘
  1. ” …
  2. “I just had dinner”/”I have just had my dinner” -> Very recently. …

What does she like or what does she likes?

She, he, it likes”. It’s the same with all other verbs in English. “Does”, and other forms of the helping verb “do”, have to be followed by the first form of the verb, which is “like”, not “likes”.

What is the English of had dinner?

What is another word for had dinner?
dined fed
suppered partook of
partaken of tucked into
broke bread broken bread
had supper fed on