Is running out of time a series?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Running Out of Time is a novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix, published in 1995.

What is the theme of the book running out of time?

One of the themes of this novel is the questioning of technological advancements as always being a good thing. As we can see, the use of cameras is a huge issue in the novel, as it invades the resident’s privacy, and allows the owners of Clifton to keep constant track of Jessie.

Is running out of time a good book?

Joan Lowery Nixon Running Out of Time is a highly imaginative, absolutely terrific first novel. School Library Journal (starred review) Absorbing… gripping… … Fans of time-travel or historical novels…will look forward to more stories from this intriguing new author.

How many pages does running out of time have?

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780689812361
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Publication date: 02/01/1997
Edition description: Repackage
Pages: 192

What is the summary of running out of time?

Lesson Summary

Running Out of Time is about a young girl named Jessie Keyser who believes she is living in the 1840s. When kids in her town start getting sick, Jessie finds out that she is actually living in a tourist attraction in the year 1996.

What is the conflict in running out of time?

A diphtheria epidemic attacks the children of Clifton and Jessie’s mother is forced to reveal that the year is actually 1996. Jessie must go to the outside world to find help from a mysterious man named Mr. Neely. Ultimately, Jessie figures out a way to tell the world about Clifton and save her sick friends.

What was Mr Neeleys real name?

His real name is Frank Lyle and the Mr. Neely that Ma knew is actually deceased. Frank drugs Jessie and, as she is drifting off to sleep at his house, she overhears him talking on the phone: ”She knows too much – we may have to eliminate her.

Who is the author of Running out of time?

Running Out of Time/Authors
When she finished writing her first book for children, Running Out of Time, Margaret Peterson Haddix deemed it a stand-alone novel. Published by Simon & Schuster in 1995, the middle-grade adventure settled onto bestseller lists and over the past 25+ years has sold almost one million copies.

What grade level is running out of time?

Running Out of Time
Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 5 – 8 Grades 3 – 8 44581
Jan 1, 2006

How old is Francie at the end of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?

eleven years old
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn begins on a Saturday afternoon in the summer of 1912 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where a tree called the Tree of Heaven grows amidst the tenement houses. Francie Nolan is eleven years old, and she and her brother are collecting junk to exchange for pennies.

Who does Francie marry in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?

She loves Johnny, but marries him too young and pays the price by working as a janitress to support her two young children (and eventually third). She is realistic and non-demonstrative of her feelings.

What does Francie learn in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn tells the story of Francie’s coming of age, and subsequently, her fall from innocence. … At the same time, she grows more like her mother; when Francie and Katie have differences, it is usually because Francie has learned from her mother to stand up for what she thinks is right.

Who is Francie Nolan?

Mary Frances “Francie” Nolan is the protagonist. The novel begins when Francie is 11 years old. The rest of the novel tells of Francie’s life until she goes to college at 17. Francie grows up in Brooklyn in the early twentieth century; her family is in constant poverty throughout most of the novel.

When was Betty Smith born?

December 15, 1896
Betty Smith/Date of birth
Elisabeth Wehner, professionally known as Betty Smith, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., on 15 December 1896, to the children of German immigrants.

What does Francie Nolan like to do?

From the time she is a small child, Francie is a storyteller, making up stories to entertain herself and writing down stories in school. She believes the best of people and continues to love her father deeply, even though she understands that his drinking contributes to the family’s poverty.

Why does Katie favor Neeley over Francie?

Francie is born a weak and sickly baby. … When Neeley is born, Katie realizes that she loves him more than she does Francie. She also becomes harder, and so does Francie, when she feels the change in her mother.

What is Francie’s childhood like why?

When the novel begins, Francie is eleven years old and living in poverty in Williamsburg, a neighborhood of Brooklyn. Francie had been a sickly baby and when others predicted her death, her mother, Katie, insisted that she would live, just like the tree that grows out of the grating near their tenement.

Is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn true?

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a largely autobiographical work. Like Francie Nolan, Smith grew up in an impoverished Williamsburg in the early twentieth century. … She and Francie even share the same birth date, although Smith was born five years before.