What is Ken Kerr doing now?

Captain Ken Kerr is the owner of Arctic Sea and Arctic Gold Mining according to IMDb. His dredge mining vessel features on the show – Myrtle Irene. … In 2019, the Myrtle repaid some of Ken’s expenses as he dug up over 100 ounces of gold during an episode.

What happen to Ken Kerr Bering Sea Gold?

The main theory of what happened to Ken Kerr seems to be that production no longer wanted him on the show due to a recent lawsuit. In 2018, Ken’s company Arctic Sea Mining failed to warn drivers of a cable in the middle of a road.

Who owns the Myrtle Irene dredge?

It is owned by Arctic Sea Mining, LLC and its registered home port is Nome, Alaska, USA. This excavator dredge mining barge is introduced and featured since the 2018 season 10 in Bering Sea Gold, a Discovery Channel USA reality TV show on sea mining for gold in Alaska.

Where does Emily Riedel live?

As captain of the “Eroica,” Riedel spends nearly half her year dredging for gold in the Bering Sea off the coast of Nome, Alaska, where she currently resides.

What happened to Zeke’s girlfriend on Bering Sea Gold?

After beginning a relationship with Zeke, Sarah agreed to visit Nome for a few weeks but ended up loving it so much she stayed. They two have also not made any public appearances of late and neither has updated their social media accounts for quite some time, so it’s a mystery if these two are still together.

Why is there so much gold in Nome Alaska?

It is separated from other gold rushes by the ease with which gold could be obtained. Much of the gold was lying in the beach sand of the landing place and could be recovered without any need for a claim. Nome was a sea port without a harbor, and the biggest town in Alaska.

Is Emily Riedel engaged?

Several months before Emily and Alex celebrated their anniversary, the two got engaged. The 33-year-old captain shared on Instagram in January 2021 that she was engaged to “a fine gentleman,” which was actually the first time that she publicly confirmed their romance.

How did Vernon Adkison make his money?

Before the hit show Bering Sea Gold ever premiered on Discovery, Vernon Adkison was an expert at gold dredging and had built his business for years. And while he still does work outside of the show, he is as much a part of the cast as ever, being that he has been with the series from its inaugural season.

What is Shawn Pomrenkes net worth?

Shawn Pomrenke’s net worth

Shawn, 46, has accumulated a massive $3 million net worth for himself. With plans to expand his empire further, the Discovery star is hoping to get the mining rights to over 10,000 acres of property. The acres are thought to contain quarter of a billion dollars in gold.

How much do the Kellys get paid on Bering Sea Gold?

Kris Kelly is thought to get paid around $15K per episode, but each cast member’s salary ranges between $10,000 to $25,000.

Where do the Kellys from Bering Sea Gold live?

Meet the Kelly family

Kris, Andy and Brad are based in Nome, Alaska and the family is starring in the 14th season of the Discovery show. Kris is the Captain and co-owner of the Reaper. However, the family often has on-screen disputes when it comes to their work methods and hierarchy.

Is Bering Sea Gold coming back in 2021?

It’s time to head back to Nome where our favorite miners are all in for a new winter season.

Does Emily Riedel have a baby?

Emily Riedel married Alex Trokey back in May. The couple will have a baby girl sometime in March 2022.

Who is the new girl on Bering Sea Gold?

Emily Riedel
BERING SEA GOLD’s Emily Riedel is Expecting! It’s been quite the year for BERING SEA GOLD’S Eroica Captain. Since her last successful summer season, Emily got hitched, and is now she and her new husband are expecting to be parents in March!

Where is Steve Riedel now?

According to his LinkedIn, he’s currently self-employed, and there’s little insight into what exactly he’s up to outside of the show and how much he makes from it. However, an interview with his daughter might give us a bit more of an explanation.

Why is Emily Riedel not on Bering Sea Gold?

Emily is absent from the current series of Bering Sea Gold due to complications after contracting Covid-19. … However, when it came time to prepare for the next season of the show, she suffered persisting issues from the virus such as chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath.

How much is Brad Kelly worth?

Brad Maurice Kelley (born March 27, 1956) is an American businessman who is the 7th largest landowner in the U.S., with an estimated net worth of US$2.2 billion in 2018.
Brad M. Kelley
Nationality American
Occupation Businessperson
Known for Fourth-largest U.S. landholder
Spouse(s) Susan

Is Zeke Tenhoff still mining?

Although Zeke’s had his ups and downs in the gold-searching business, Discovery says that he’s “always been the boss” which is evident in the way he handles himself and his mining jobs on the program. …

How old is Emily Riddell?

How many seasons of Bering Sea Gold are there?

Who is Emily Riedel parents?