Is Chrissie coming back to Holby?

Viewers watched Chrissie flee to Australia with her son Daniel, and Tina admits the storyline has left scope for a return. Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, she said: “We’ve talked about it. She’s alive and kicking, so you never know. There might be a time when it fits in with their stories.

How did Mark Williams leave Holby?

Mark struggled to cope in her absence, succumbing to a cocaine addiction in 2007. … The character was later promoted to the hospital’s chief executive officer. Powell left the serial in 2010 and Mark departed in the series thirteen episode “Don’t Go Changing”, broadcast on 25 February 2011.

When did Tina Hobley leave Holby City?

November 2013
Tina Ellen Hobley (born 20 May 1971) is an English actress and radio presenter, best known for her long-running role as Chrissie Williams in the BBC One medical drama series Holby City. Hobley left Holby City in November 2013 after 12 years.

What happened to daisha in Holby City?

Daisha was held hostage, shot and her colleagues were forced to save her life.

How long was Robert Powell in Holby?

six years
He first came to public attention when he starred in BBC One’s Doomwatch in 1970. Other prominent television roles include appearing in The Detectives with Jasper Carrott, and in Holby City for six years. His many film credits include The Italian Job, The Jigsaw Man and The Thirty Nine Steps.

Why did Chrissie Williams leave Holby?

Connie told Chrissie that she will be scarred for life. Chrissie decided to leave Holby, to clear her head after the attack and returned in January 2009. She wasn’t pleased to see her father’s relationship with Daisha Anderson, questioning the nature of it.

What happened to Sam and Des in Coronation Street?

The relationship ended when Sam repaid Des by having an affair with Chris Collins. When Des began seeing Natalie Horrocks, Samantha became determined to split them up and began stalking the couple, pretending to be enceinte with Des’s baby. She left the street when her lies were exposed.

Who cut Chrissie’s face in Holby?

Stuart chases Chrissie in an operating theatre and slashes her across the face with a scalpel. He then ties her up, gags her mouth and stitches her face up.

Who was Owen Williams from casualty?

Casualty has paid tribute to their Series Designer Owain Williams – someone who worked on the medical drama for many years. As a former Wales, Cardiff, Bridgend and Glamorgan Wanderers rugby player, Owain’s death follows his older brother Gareth, who died in 2018.

Who played Chrissy in casualty?

Casualty star Michael Stevenson has opened up about working with his real-life wife Lauren Crace on the soap. Lauren is set to play Chrissie, the HEMs partner of Stevenson’s character Iain Dean, in the soap’s Christmas special which airs this Saturday (December 4).

Who is Connor in Holby City?

Actor Mark Jordon is playing character Connor Coleman in Holby City across two episodes.

Has Owain Williams died?

September 12, 2021
Owain Williams/Died
Owain Williams (1964 or 1965 – 12 September 2021) was a Welsh rugby union player who played as a back row forward for Glamorgan Wanderers, Bridgend, and Cardiff, and the national team.

How old was Owain Williams?

56 years (1965–2021)
Owain Williams/Age at death

Who is the new actor in Holby City?

Holby City brought back Sahira Shah in February 2021 as Jac Naylor’s replacement on Darwin Ward.

Who is Mark Jordan in Emmerdale?

Mark Jordon is best known for his portrayal of café waiter Daz Spencer in the ITV soap. The actor joined the cast of Emmerdale in August 2017, becoming a regular cast member until Daz was written out on January 31, 2019.

Who is the social worker in Holby?

Actor Mark Jordon joined the guest cast in episode ten as Connor Coleman, a social worker. Jordon confirmed that he would only appear in a “few episodes”, but dubbed it “one of [his] favourite gigs”.

Is Fletch leaving Holby City?

Fletch joins Holby City in the series 16 episode “Star Crossed Lovers”, first broadcast on 12 August 2014. He is appointed ward manager of the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU).
Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher
Last appearance Episode 1168 28 March 2020 (Casualty)
Portrayed by Alex Walkinshaw Aaron Mullen (flashback)

Who is Rob Greening Holby City?

Jason Pethers is an actor, known for portraying Rob Greening in Holby City. Holby City is a British medical drama television series on BBC One.