What does a confidential marriage mean?

A confidential marriage license requires no witnesses to sign it’s just the Officiant. The marriage license is recorded but is only accessible by the couple. No one else can go down to the county or do a record search and find that document.

Why do people do confidential marriages?

Confidential marriages were also a boon to the California legal system because inheritance and property rights were more clear-cut when the majority of people cohabitating and raising children were married.

Can a marriage be kept secret?

A secret marriage is a pretty simple concept. … At the end of it, there is an official signing of wedding documents – the marriage license – making everything official. The only thing is it’s just you and the groom, no friends and no family.

How can I make my marriage confidential?

If a minister is a California notary public and is authorized by the county, he is able to issue a confidential marriage license, provided he offers the service. Conversely, he cannot issue a public license. Any county clerk’s office within California, however, can provide both.

What is a quick wedding called?

Elopement refers to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married without parental approval.

Can you get married without a marriage license in California?

In order to be legally married in California, first a couple must obtain a marriage license and then they must have a wedding ceremony within 90 days. … In order for the marriage license to be valid, it must be used within the 90 days and signed by a proper officiant.

What is a confidential marriage license California?

A CONFIDENTIAL marriage license requires both parties to be living together prior to applying for the license. The license allows you to have the ceremony anywhere within the State of California and witnesses are not required during the ceremony.

How do I get married in Santa Ana?

To apply for a marriage license in Santa Ana, you and the person that you are marrying must go together to Orange County Clerk-Recorder’s office at the Old Orange County Courthouse at 211 West Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, CA 92701. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Are California marriage records public?

California marriage records are not generally open to the public. … Confidential marriage records can only be accessed by the persons named on the marriage record, while a wider group of people can access copies of a public marriage record.

Can you get married without a ceremony?

What happens if you get “married” without a marriage ceremony? … A marriage without out one is null and void. There must be an actual marriage ceremony. There is no specific form or religious rite required for the marriage vows, but the law is clear on what the ceremony must include.

Who can witness wedding?

Today, wedding witnesses perform the same role and it’s still a legal requirement to have them. Anybody who understands what a marriage is and what a legal ceremony should look like is fit to be a witness, even if they’re under 18. Any member of the wedding party can be a witness, too.

Where can I find California marriage records for free?

Microfilm copies of these records are available at the Family History Library and some FamilySearch Centers. Free; index of marriage records. Microfilm copies of these records are available at the Family History Library and some FamilySearch Centers.

How do I find marriage records in California?

How do you get a certified copy of a marriage license in California? You can order a certified copy of a public marriage license from July 1, 1905 to the present (excluding 2000 to 2008) from the California Department of Health – Vital Records (CDPH – VR). You can request the copy either in person or by mail.

How do I check my marital status?

You can also sms the letter M followed by your ID number (example: M 5001010050080) to 32551 A reply sms will be sent back to your cellphone to confirm your marital status and the date of your marriage. (R1 per sms and will be charged by your network service provider).

Can you tell if someone is married?

Birth, death, marriage and divorce records are typically managed and made available at the local county clerk’s office where the event took place. States will also often have a department of health that can provide access to older vital records.