How far is Augusta Georgia from ocean?

This small city is located on Interstate 20, which sits about 140 miles from both the Atlantic Ocean and Atlanta, Georgia’s capital and most populated city.

What ocean is Georgia closest to?

Atlantic Ocean
US Georgia borders the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast, and it shares state lines with Tennessee and North Carolina in the north. The Chattahoochee River defines a section of Georgia’s border with Alabama in the southwest and a short length of its border with Florida.

How far is from Savannah to Augusta?

The total driving distance from Augusta, GA to Savannah, GA is 126 miles or 203 kilometers.

Is Augusta GA a good place to live?

PRO: Living in Augusta, GA Means Big City Amenities

Like many much bigger cities, Augusta offers a lot of culture and amenities. Concerts, theatres, museums, and more await you when you live here. There are a lot of outdoor festivals also, as well as an excellent minor league baseball team, the Augusta Greenjackets.

How far is Atlanta from the nearest ocean?

Tybee Island – a 267-mile drive from downtown – is the closest ocean beach to Atlanta. This historic beach destination has been drawing visitors since the late 19th century.

What beach is in Atlanta Georgia?

Beaches in Atlanta

The closest beach to Atlanta is the Beach at International Park in Jonesboro, Georgia. The Jonesboro Beach, as well as the beaches at Callaway Gardens (80 miles), Lake Lanier Resort (46 miles) and other area lakes make great day trips from Atlanta or quick getaways.

What is the closest ocean beach to Harrisburg PA?

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

It takes just three hours and 17 minutes to drive from Harrisburg to Long Beach Island in New Jersey, an “18-mile-long island strewn with small shore towns and long stretches of white sand,” according to

What ocean is closest to Georgia?

Atlantic Ocean
About 100 miles of Georgia shoreline faces the Atlantic Ocean between South Carolina and Florida.

What is the closest Florida beach to Atlanta Georgia?

Pensacola Beach, FLA

Just five hours from Atlanta, Pensacola Beach on the Florida Panhandle offers beachgoers something unlike anything else they’ll see and do at the beach.

What’s the closest ocean to PA?

Towns all down the Jersey coast swell with “shoobies,” a South Jersey term for tourists from Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania, looking for cool breezes, boardwalks and 127 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches.

What ocean is on the East Coast?

The Atlantic Ocean
The Atlantic Ocean is on the East Coast of the United States.

What is the closest beach to Lancaster?

Ocean City, MD is over 3 hours and Rehobeth, DE is about 2 hours 45 minutes.

Can you swim at Deemers beach?

Once down onto the beach, you will find that it is a very pebbly beach. There are some small sections of sand, but it literally is a bunch of sea pebbles. … Overall, this is not a very desirable beach for swimming or wading.

Does Pennsylvania have ocean beaches?

Pennsylvania, nicknamed the Keystone State, is home to many grand lakes that make for beautiful beaches. You won’t miss oceanfront coastlines when visiting Pennsylvania beaches because of the fun activities you can do, like boating, water skiing, scuba diving, motor boating, and fishing.

Which coast is Pittsburgh located nearest?

The Atlantic coast of southern New Jersey is, like Delaware’s beaches, an approximately seven-hour drive from Pittsburgh.

Does Pittsburgh have an ocean?

While there are no beaches in Pittsburgh, there are several sunny and sandy destinations close to the city.

What time does Ocean Grove beach open?

9 am – 5:30 pm
Ocean Grove Beach

The Beach is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 5:30 pm, and on Sunday from Noon – 5:30 PM. Badges are required and can be purchased at the beach office at Ocean and Embury Avenues.