How do you calculate working load limit?

The WLL is calculated by dividing MBL by a safety factor (SF). An example of this would be a chain that has a MBL of 2000 lbf (8.89 kN) would have a SWL or WLL of 400 lbf (1.78 kN) if a safety factor of 5 (5:1, 5 to 1, or 1/5) is used.

What does working load limit mean on ratchet straps?

Abbreviated as WLL, it is the rating that should never be exceeded when using a product like a ratchet strap. … So if a ratchet strap has a breaking strength of 15,000 pounds, then the strap will have a working load limit of 5,000 pounds.

What is the work load limit of a chain sling?

Working Load Limits of Chain Slings
Chain Size in Inches
Size On Straight Lift 45 Degrees
9/32 3,500lbs. 4,900lbs.
3/8 7,100lbs. 10,000lbs.
1/2 12,000lbs. 17,000lbs.
Mar 29, 2021

How much weight can a chain support?

Trade Size In Inches Working* Load Limit Lbs. Weight per 100 Feet Lbs.
1/4 3,500 71
5/16 5,100 106
3/8 7,100 144
1/2 12,000 236
Apr 16, 2020

What is 200 pound working load limit?

Written By Rachel Novak

It is a calculation of the Minimum Breaking Strength, or MBS. … For example, if a hook has a Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of 1,000 pounds and a safety factor of five, then the Working Load Limit (WLL) would be 200 pounds.

What is the difference between safe working load and working load limit?

Summary: WLL stands for working load limit while SWL stands for safe working load. … Safe working load is the older term of working load limit. The definition for safe working load is the breaking load of a component divided by an appropriate factor of safety giving a safe load that could be lifted or be carried.

How much weight can a grade 70 chain hold?

between 3,150 to 15,800 lbs.
Grade 70 chain is also usually embossed with a number 7, 70, or 700 on each link. Grade 70 has a working load limit available between 3,150 to 15,800 lbs. and is most commonly used for: Trucking and trailer tie downs.

How do you measure a load chain?

To measure the chain size, if you have just the sprocket, use calipers to measure between the teeth. Measure from center to center of where the chain roller would set between the teeth that will give you the pitch. Once you know the pitch you can determine what chain size you would need.

What is breaking strength of chain?

Chain grade is the metal’s tensile strength. Manufacturers use the grade number to indicate a chain’s break strength. When a chain’s grade is high, the greater is its break strength. A galvanized chain indicates the quantity of carbon present in the steel.

What is grade 43 chain used for?

Typically used for container securement, logging, farming, towing, marine applications, and as general purpose utility chain.

Can grade 80 chain be used for transport?

While grade 80 chain is generally approved for overhead lifting, transport assemblies are not rated for overhead lifting due to the hook style. Chain and hooks are embossed with grade 80 markings for easy identification. All chain assemblies arrive fully assembled and ready for use.

What is the working load of 3/8 grade 70 chain?

6,600 lbs.
Grade 70 Transport Chain, Short Link, Size 3/8 in., Working Load Limit 6,600 lbs., Part No. 608941. Chain Size: 3/8 in. Inside Length: 1.14 in.

Does grade 70 chain rust?

G70 chains are made from a higher strength, heat-treated carbon steel and have a load rating approximately 20 percent higher than Grade 43. The gold chromate coating offers them more resistance to rust and corrosion. These chains have become the most common grade of chain used on flatbeds.

What is the difference between grade 80 and grade 100 chain?

In comparison to Grade 80, Grade 100 chain has a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio—about 25% higher, depending on the manufacturer. Grade 100 chain also has a slightly harder surface material, which gives it some advantage when it comes to abrasion resistance.

How do I tell what grade my chain is?

Just look for the “L” and then the number after it. Each number following the “L” corresponds with a grade of chain. On grade 70 this can also show that the chains are DOT approved! The “L” represents Laclede and our commitment to high quality chain products.

How strong is G70 chain?

The G70 designation signifies that a tow chain’s tensile strength is rated at 70. A tow chain may be marked with a 7, 70, or even 700 to signify the G70 grade.

What does G70 mean on a chain?

Chain Grade Identification. G70 chain is specifically designed for cargo securement, also called Transport Chain and Grade 70. G70 assemblies have a yellow zinc finish for easier identification and for protection of the chain. Never use G70 chain for overhead lifting or towing, pulling, or dragging operations.

What is a Grade 8 chain?

Grade 8 chains and fittings are made of alloy steel of the highest quality, exceeding the minimum characteristics prescribed by the standards.

Can you weld grade 80 chain?

First, all grade 70, 80 and 100 chain is heat treated. If you heat the steel above 900F or so, you’re taking quite a bit of the strength out of the steel in the chain link unless you re-quench and re-temper the steel. Since it would be welded to a larger chunk of steel, that’s basically impossible to accomplish.

What is L7 chain?

All of our Laclede Grade 70 Chain is Made in the USA. To help identify the grade and manufacturer all of our Grade 70 Chain is embossed with”L7”. The L is the chain manufacturer Laclede. The 7 identifies this as a Grade 70 Chain. Grade 70 chain is typically finished with a Gold Chromate or Yellow Zinc.

What does G4 mean on a chain?

ACCO® Grade 43 (G4) Domestic High Test ISO Chain. Features: High-test (HT) carbon steel anchor / windlass chain made to ISO specifications with short links. Short links make chain more flexible – ideally suited as windlass chain and less likely to tangle in the chain locker.

How heavy is 8mm chain?

Technical Specifications
A B (mm) Weight per metre (kg)
8mm 24 1.5
10mm 30 2.2
13mm 39 3.8
16mm 48 5.8