What language is Pai for dad?

Portuguese pai
From Portuguese pai (“father”), from Old Portuguese padre (“father”), from Latin patrem (“father”), from Proto-Indo-European *ph₂tḗr (“father”).

What does Pai mean?

Personal Activity Intelligence
PAI stands for Personal Activity Intelligence; it’s a scientifically-backed metric that takes your heart rate during all activity (yes, even those that don’t involve steps) to generate PAI.

What does Pai mean in Thai?

English translation: I’m going now.
Thai to English translations [Non-PRO]
English translation:I’m going now. Explanation: “Pai leaw” means “already left” or “I am leaving now” depending on the context. In your context, it means “I’m going now”. Selected response from: Chatchai Thailand Local time: 20:17
Sep 17, 2000

What does Chinese Pai mean in English?

排 pái. a row a line to set in order to arrange to line up to eliminate to drain to push open platoon raft classifier for lines, rows etc. Example Usage Strokes. 派

What is Pai xiaomi?

PAI stands for Personal Activity Intelligence and is a feature borrowed from Huami’s Amazfit wearables. It essentially gamifies health tracking by giving you a score between 1-100 based on your daily activity and heart rate.

What is Pai in Amazfit GTS?

PAI is short for Personal Activity Intelligence. You earn PAI points every time your heart rate increases: The higher heart rate, the faster you earn PAI. … PAI is based on the only thing that reflects the intensity of your activity: your heart rate.

What does Pai mean in Urdu?

psi meaning in Urdu
1) psi Noun
A unit of pressure. دباو کی اکائی
2) psi Noun
The 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. یونائی حروف تہجی کا واں حرف