When you open a Microsoft Office application what tab on the Ribbon is active?

Section 2: Navigating the Ribbon. To access the Ribbon Tabs, press ALT or F10. The first tab control becomes active.

What is a small window that pops up in an application that requires a response from the user?

A dialog is a small window that prompts the user to make a decision or enter additional information.

What is the name of the special tab that appears on the Ribbon when part of the document is selected?

Contextual Tabs are designed to appear on the Ribbon when certain objects or commands are selected. These tabs provide easy access to options specific to the selected object or command.

What happens to the Ribbon when the application window width is narrow?

What happens to the window when the application’s windows width is narrowed? It collapses so less options are visible. What are two great ways to find clues and locate commands on the Ribbon? Look at the tabs and hover over images.

What should you do if a dialog box covers an area of the screen that you need to see quizlet?

What should you do if a dialog box covers an area of the screen that you need to see? Click and drag the dialog box to a different location on the screen. What term refers to a paper printout?

What kind of information is displayed in a dialog box?

An example of a dialog box is the about box found in many software programs, which usually displays the name of the program, its version number, and may also include copyright information.

What are the 3 parts of the Ribbon?

Using the Ribbon

There are five main components to a Ribbon; QAT (Quick Access Toolbar), tabs, command buttons, groups of command buttons, and dialog launchers.

How do you Uncollapse Ribbon in Word?

Collapse the ribbon or expand it again

Double-click any of the ribbon tabs or press CTRL+F1 to collapse the ribbon if you need to see more of your document. To see the ribbon again, just double-click any ribbon tab, or press CTRL+F1.

What is the Ribbon in Windows 10?

File Explorer in Windows 10 displays commands in a series of icons stored on different tabs. This combination of icons and tabs is known as the Ribbon interface. … These tabs are displayed based on context.

What is a ribbon bar?

A ribbon is a command bar that organizes a program’s features into a series of tabs at the top of a window. … A ribbon can replace both the traditional menu bar and toolbars. A typical ribbon. Ribbon tabs are composed of groups, which are a labeled set of closely related commands.

What is a dialog box launcher in Word?

A dialog box launcher is a small icon that appears in a group. Users click this icon to open related dialog boxes or task panes that provide more options that relate to the group.

What are the 4 main Ribbon tabs?

The Ribbon is a user interface element which was introduced by Microsoft in Microsoft Office 2007. It is located below the Quick Access Toolbar and the Title Bar. It comprises seven tabs; Home, Insert, Page layout, References, Mailing, Review and View. Each tab has specific groups of related commands.

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Where do you find the ribbon?

Click the Ribbon Display Options icon on the top-right corner of your document. It is to the left of the Minimize icon. In the menu that opens, click Show Tabs and Commands to show the Ribbon with all tabs and full commands.

What is ribbon with example?

The ribbon is a user interface element created by Microsoft, which was introduced with Microsoft Office 2007. For example, the Microsoft Word ribbon includes Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, and other tabs that each display a different set of commands when selected. …

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What best describes a ribbon?

With a cable, a ribbon is a description of the IDE cable. … When referring to Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, the Ribbon is a feature that replaces the traditional file menu and toolbar. As shown in the image, the Ribbon dynamically changes based on what the user is currently doing.

Why is it called ribbon?

The name “ribbon” was later purported to have originated from an early design idea by which commands were placed on a long pane that could be rolled like a medieval scroll; the name was retained after the scrolling mechanism was replaced by tabs. … Within each tab, various related controls may be grouped together.

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