What is the most popular sport in St Louis?

St. Louis Sports are always a fan favorite
  • Major League Baseball. The 11-time World Series Champion St. …
  • National Hockey League. The 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. …
  • Major League Soccer. St. …
  • Other Professional Sports. Other professional teams in St. …
  • College Sports.

Does Missouri have a pro sports team?

Representatives from Missouri’s six professional sports teams—Kansas City Chiefs (National Football League), Kansas City Royals (Major League Baseball), Kansas City Current (National Women’s Soccer League), St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), St. Louis City (a Major League Soccer expansion team) and St. Louis Blues (National …

Does Missouri have a NFL team?

The 32 NFL teams are located in 22 states. Twenty-eight states do not have a football team. Some states have multiple teams, such as California, which has three: the Los Angeles Rams, the Los Angeles Chargers, and the San Francisco 49ers.

NFL Teams by State 2022.
State Missouri
# of Teams 1
NFL Teams Kansas City Chiefs
2022 Pop. 6,184,843

What is Missouri known for?

Missouri is famous for the following foods:
  • St. Louis-Style Pizza.
  • Toasted Ravioli.
  • Gooey Butter Cake.
  • Slinger.
  • St. Paul Sandwich.
  • Pork Steaks.
  • Red Hot Riplets.
  • St. Louis-Style Ribs.

Is Missouri a rich state?

Missouri is the 30th richest state in the United States of America, with a per capita income of $19,936 (2000).

What is Missouri’s state animal?

the Missouri mule

In 1995, Gov. Mel Carnahan signed a bill designating the Missouri mule as the official state animal. Mules are hybrids: the offspring of a mare (female horse) and a jack (male donkey).

What is Missouri’s state dog?

Jim the Wonder Dog

In 2017, the General Assembly designated “Jim the Wonder Dog” Missouri’s official state wonder dog. A Llewellyn setter born in 1925, Jim first gained notoriety for his hunting prowess. Legend has it that he tracked over 5,000 birds, a total no other dog has ever achieved.

What is the nickname of Missouri?

What is Missouri State Fish?


In 1997, Gov. Mel Carnahan signed a bill designating the channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) the official fish of Missouri.

What is Missouri state reptile?

Three-toed Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina triunguis) In 2007, the three-toed box turtle became Missouri’s official state reptile. Most Missourians are familiar with this land-dwelling turtle.

What is Missouri state flower?

Crataegus punctata is a species of hawthorn known by the common names dotted hawthorn or white haw that is native to most of the eastern United States and eastern Canada. While some sources claim it is the state flower of Missouri, the actual legislation does not identify an exact species.


What is Missouri state folk dance?

Becoming Missouri’s official state American folk dance in 1992, the square dance is a partnered dance with lively music and cues directed by a caller.

What is Missouri’s state dessert?

The ice cream cone

The ice cream cone became Missouri’s official dessert in 2008.

Does Missouri have a song?

The “The Missouri Waltz” was adopted as the official state song on June 30, 1949.

What is the Missouri state mineral?


In 1967, galena was adopted as the official mineral of Missouri.

What is the rock of Missouri?

Mozarkite was adopted as the official state rock for Missouri in 1967. Mozarkite appears in a variety of colors, predominantly red, pink or purple. When the rocks are tumbled and polished, they are sometimes used for ornamental jewelry.

Is There Gold in Missouri?

Gold only occurs in very limited quantities in Missouri. Nearly all of the gold that is found here is extremely fine flour gold. There are no reports of any significant amounts of gold being recovered by commercial mining ventures. Missouri’s gold will mainly be found in the northern counties, near the Missouri River.

What is the most common rock in Missouri?

The most common sedimentary rocks in Missouri are limestone, its cousin dolostone, also known as dolomite, and sandstone. Chert is a common mineral associated with limestones and dolostones. Chert, of which flint is one type, is composed of the mineral quartz.

Does Missouri have volcanoes?

A good place is Missouri, where the Saint Francis Mountains contain some beautiful volcanic rocks of about a billion years ago.

Were there dinosaurs in Missouri?

During the 1940s, the first dinosaurs found in Missouri were unearthed on accident while a family broke ground for a new well. Now, roughly 80 years later, more dinosaur fossils of the same species were uncovered and identified 50 feet from the initial fossil discovery, reports Sherry Liang for CNN.