What did Patrick Mahomes score on the Wonderlic test?

a 24
Patrick Mahomes scored a 24 on the Wonderlic which is about middle-of-the-pack when looking at the score of quarterbacks. Because most teams generally consider Wonderlic scores if they are below average, and given Mahomes’ proven on the field talent, his Wonderlic test score was not significantly affected on draft day.

What did Brett Favre score on the Wonderlic?

a 22
Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre had a 22 for a Wonderlic Test Score.

What was Tom Brady’s Wonderlic score?

33Tom Brady. Widely considered one of the NFL’s smartest quarterbacks, Tom Brady unsurprisingly impressed on the Wonderlic. His 33 is well above the average QB score (24) and shows just how smart he is.

What did Drew Brees score on the Wonderlic?

Drew Brees is an NFL Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and had a Wonderlic Test Score of 28.

What was Richard Sherman’s Wonderlic score?

a 24
Richard Sherman got a 24 on the Wonderlic. Sherman played at Stanford, which obviously has high academic standards. Additionally he is one of the smartest players on the football field in a given game, with a great ability to read offenses and quarterbacks.

What was Derek Carr Wonderlic score?

20Derek Carr is an NFL quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. Prior to being drafted, Carr took the Wonderlic Test and had a Wonderlic Test Score of 20. A quarterback out of Fresno State, Carr has quarterbacked the Raiders for two years and is helping them return to respectability after several terrible years.

What was Rob Gronkowski’s Wonderlic score?

Given Gronkowski’s score of 32, this places him in the 87th percentile among NFL players.

What did Peyton Manning get on the Wonderlic test?

All of this has lead him to have an almost certain spot in the NFL Hall of Fame. Needless to say, “average” would not be an adjective often used to describe Peyton Manning, but Peyton Manning’s Wonderlic test score of 28 is just that – average.

What was Justin’s Wonderlic score?

The test has been given to over 6,500 professional athletes, and Fields scored in the top 1%. This test focused on the reps needed to learn something and then the ability to recall that later. For comparison sake, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen each scored a 108. Fields scored a 130.

What was Vince Young’s Wonderlic score?

6: Vince Young, quarterback

Vince Young also scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test. The Titans did not pay too much attention to the score and took him in the 2006 draft, third overall. Young won a National Championship during his time in Texas before entering the league, and the Longhorns retired his No. 10.

What was Kyler Murray Wonderlic score?

The NFL draft wouldn’t be complete without leaked Wonderlic scores. Kyler Murray got a 20. The number is considered perfectly average by official test standards and a red-flag for potential NFL quarterbacks. By contrast, Josh Rosen scored a 29 in 2018.

What was Eli Manning’s Wonderlic score?

a 39 out of 50
Eli Manning

Scoring a 39 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test (a cognitive ability or intelligence test used by the NFL to assess all applicants for the draft), Manning’s score his nearly twice as high as the average NFL player’s results of 20-21.

What was Terry Bradshaw’s Wonderlic score?

Bradshaw played all 14 seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and accumulated nearly 28,000 yards and 212 passing touchdowns. Bradshaw played quarterback for Louisiana Tech, and although was greatly successful, only had a wonderlic test score of 16 out of a possible 50.

What was Russell Wilson Wonderlic score?

Russell Wilson’s Wonderlic score of 28 was better than all but two of the quarterbacks picked before him, trailing only Luck’s 37 and Ryan Tannehill’s 34.

Which NFL quarterback has the highest IQ?

#1- Ryan Fitzaptrick, QB, Washington Football Team NFL veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick attended Harvard University for his collegiate career. Fitzpatrick earned a 1580 on the SAT’s and when he entered the NFL he scored a 48/50 on the mandatory Wonderlic intelligence test that incoming rookies take.

What was Michael Vick Wonderlic score?

Wonderlic scores for QBs in 2015
Team Starting QB in 2015 Wonderlic Score
Team Starting QB in 2015 Wonderlic Score
Philadelphia Eagles Sam Bradford 36
Pittsburgh Steelers Michael Vick 20
San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers 30
Mar 3, 2018

What did Zach Wilson get on the Wonderlic test?

About Zach Wilson

He had a passing completion percentage of 67%. There is a lot of speculation as to what pick Wilson may be, but the general consensus among NFL draft experts is that he will be a top 10 pick.

What is Albert Einstein’s IQ level?

2. Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist and philosopher of science whose estimated IQ scores range from 205 to 225 by different measures.