What years were Father Knows Best on TV?

Father Knows Best is an American sitcom starring Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray and Lauren Chapin. The series, which began on radio in 1949, aired as a television show for six seasons and 203 episodes.
Father Knows Best
Original release October 3, 1954 – May 23, 1960

Are any actors from Father Knows Best still alive?

Robert Young was the ‘father’ and he passed away in 1998 at 91 years old. Jane Wyatt was the mother and she lived to the age of 96, passing away in 2006. The ‘kids’ are still with us, with older sister Betty (actress Elinor Donahue) soon to be 78 and little sister Kathy (actress Laurin Chapin) 69.

How long did Father Knows Best Run?

six years
The show ran for six years, eventually airing original episodes on NBC and CBS. Both CBS and later ABC continued to air reruns as late as 1967.

Who died on Father Knows Best?

Star Jane Wyatt
‘Father Knows Best’ Star Jane Wyatt Dies at 96 One of television’s favorite moms has died. Jane Wyatt was 96. She was best known for playing Margaret Anderson on the popular 50s sitcom Father Knows Best.

What is Billy Gray doing now?

Gray retired from acting in 1980. He is a motorcycle collector and businessman.

Who is Billy Gray married to?

m. 1967–1969
Billy Gray/Spouse

Did Betty ever get married on Father Knows Best?

Item: Elinor Donahue, who played Betty, had been deserted by her father, pushed into dancing lessons at the age of 14 months and was married and divorced while the series was on. … We see her like that even today, as the series continues in re‐runs.

Did Billy Gray ever play in Rawhide?

Rawhide (TV Series 1959–1965) – Billy Gray as Lindsay McCuller – IMDb.

Why Father Knows Best Cancelled?

“Father Knows Best” became a TV sensation, one that still connects with audiences today. … However, “Father Knows Best” would be abruptly canceled. The magazine added part of the reason was due to a strike of the Writers Guild of America lasted from January to June 1960.

Are Billy Gray and Gary Gray related?

Gray, the son of Hollywood business manager Bill Gray, was born Dec. 18, 1936, in Los Angeles.

How Old Is Billy Gray today?

84 years (January 13, 1938)
Billy Gray/Age

Who played Burgess on Father Knows Best?

Richard Eyer
Richard Eyer
Born Richard Ross Eyer May 6, 1945 Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor, schoolteacher
Years active 1952-1967
Spouse(s) Laurie Lynn Seabern (1970-1983; divorced); 3 children

Did Billy Gray ever marry?

He is currently married to Helena Kallioniotes and co-owns BigRock Engineering which manufactures guitar picks and candleholders for jack-o-lanterns.

Was Betty enceinte on Father Knows Best?

This is the first episode where actress Elinor Donahue is obviously enceinte. Attempts were made hide the fact by putting her in a bulky coat, having her stand behind a tall counter, and walk into a room holding something in front of her. The actress married her first husband in 1957 almost 2 years earlier.

How old is William Thomas Gray?

84 years (January 13, 1938)
Billy Gray/Age

Who played kitten on Father Knows Best?

Kathy Anderson, or Kitten to her TV father, played by Robert Young in the 1950s comedy, is now 43. Her once-brown hair is strawberry blond, her face angular and unfreckled, her childhood chubbiness gone.

Are Troy Donahue and Elinor Donahue related?

Donahue genealogy shows that this surname is of Irish origin. … Famous Donahues include former talk show host Phil Donahue, 1960s teen heartthrob actor Troy Donahue, and actress Elinor Donahue, who played Betty “Princess” Anderson on the TV show Father Knows Best, which aired during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Why did Elinor Donahue leave the Andy Griffith Show?

After twelve appearances in the first season, Ellie disappeared with no explanation offered to the audience. Behind the scenes, Donahue decided she and Griffith lacked the chemistry to make their on-screen romantic relationship credible and she decided to leave.

Who is Elinor Donahue married to?

Lou Genevrino

m. 1992
Harry Ackerman

m. 1962–1991
Richard Smith

m. 1955–1961
Elinor Donahue/Spouse

Did Sandra Dee ever date Troy Donahue?

Donahue was a hit with women, on screen and off. His fans loved him, as did his four wives and one fiancée. … Sandra Dee fell in love with Donahue in the movie that propelled him to stardom: 1959’s A Summer Place. Donahue had played small roles in previous movies, but in A Summer Place, he was the young lead.