Is a new map coming to Warzone?

Sledgehammer Games’ WWII themed release will integrate with Warzone in December 2021, introducing new weapons, vehicles, and a brand new WWII map set to replace ’80s Verdansk. The new map is called Caldera, and it’s going to launch with Vanguard and Warzone Season 1.

What time does New Warzone map come out?

The new Warzone map early access launch date was Wednesday 8th December 2021, then, as long as you have paid for a copy of CoD Vanguard! As for the new Warzone map early access time, we know that Activision unlocked the new Warzone map for Vanguard owners at 9am PT on 8th December.

Will there be a new Warzone map 2021?

Vanguard will be integrated into the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War ecosystem, but this time, the mega-popular battle royale will be getting a new map called “Caldera” that will launch in December 2021.

Is Verdansk map going away?

Call of Duty: Warzone will soon be removing its Verdansk battle royale map forever, replacing it with the brand new Pacific map Caldera. Call of Duty: Warzone is set to kick off Season 1 later this week, and it will bring with it some massive changes to the popular battle royale.

Will rebirth be removed?

Rebirth Island Has Been Removed From ‘Call of Duty’ Games — but It Won’t Be Gone Forever. … Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War were both released on several major platforms in 2020. Both games received generally favorable reviews and benefited from several enjoyable game modes.

Is Rebirth Island going away?

The start of season 1 in Call of Duty: Warzone saw Rebirth Island kicked out of the playlists. The popular Warzone map Rebirth Island was removed from the game with the start of Season 1, but not for lang. … The map had a brief return to the game.

Is Caldera bigger than Verdansk?

Generally speaking, though, most unofficial measurements revealed so far leave us with the conclusion that Caldera is roughly the same size as Verdansk. At the very least, it really doesn’t seem like the map is significantly smaller or larger than Verdansk even if it does lean towards one extreme or the other.

Does Warzone have anti-cheat?

The long-awaited ricochet anti-cheat has gone live in Call of Duty Warzone worldwide, and is sweeping through the population of cheaters. … For those who don’t know, Ricochet Anti-cheat is kernel-level software that has been released across all versions of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard.

How long will Verdansk last?

The Last Hours of Verdansk event starts today, December 6th, at 13:00 ET (18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET). At that time, a new playlist called the “Last Hours of Verdansk” will go live in Warzone. The event will be playable for a total of 24 hours and will end after 24 hours.

Is Pacific bigger than Verdansk?

However, both the maps are roughly the same size. Further, the latest image shows Warzone Pacific map Caldera having 16 POIs. Verdansk on the other hand has over 20 POIs, tightly packed into the map.

Can Calderas erupt?

Depending on their intensity and duration, volcanic eruptions can create calderas as much as 100 kilometers (62 miles) wide. A caldera-causing eruption is the most devastating type of volcanic eruption.

Is the Pacific map bigger?

It appears that the image of the map that appears in the Secrets of The Pacific event was the original design, which is larger in size and even has water sources flowing through the top portion of the map.

Is Caldera a Verdansk?

While much of the mechanics are the same, Caldera does feel different than Verdansk. And it’s not just because of the tropical environment and overhead planes, either. One of Warzone’s most relentless grinders, FaZe Clan’s Swagg, contrasted the maps while watching world-record Caldera gameplay.

What weapons will be in Warzone Pacific?

These are only some of the weapons driving the current meta in Warzone Pacific, which should overlap with some of the popular picks for Vanguard multiplayer.
  • Assault Rifles: STG44 and Automaton. When in doubt, go for an assault rifle. …
  • SMGs: MP-40 and PPSh-41. …
  • LMGs: MG42 and DP27. …
  • Snipers: Kar98k.

How do you get a Warzone Caldera?

To download and play the Warzone Pacific Caldera map, follow these simple steps:
  1. Launch your client.
  2. Once the update is available, it will automatically start downloading the update.
  3. Vanguard players can play the new map Caldera once the servers are live again.

What is Kastovia?

Kastovia (Cyrillic: Кастовия) is a fictional country featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Where is Verdansk?

Verdansk (Cyrillic: Верданск) is a major city in Kastovia, a fictional country. The city is featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and serves as the main setting for the Special Ops operations and Ground War maps of Modern Warfare.

Is Warzone Pacific the same as Caldera?

Warzone Pacific is live with dozens of new weapons, numerous balance updates, the beginning of the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ kernel driver rollout on PC, and an island full of new content as part of Season One of Call of Duty: Vanguard, including the new Warzone Pacific map: Caldera.