Do K-pop albums have CDS?

Kpop albums include posters, pictures and photo cards of each member. Side note: most music apps need subscription to play music offline. With the CD in your album, you can play it in your car or almost anywhere with a CD player! This is what I find the most useful about kpop albums.

Can you trust KPOP USA?

Kpop USA – Kpop USA -This is another amazing website because they also have a store in Las Vegas, US. The prices are all in USD. -This is one of the most reliable websites I have ever seen. People preorder a lot through this website.

What does OB mean in album?


Are BTS albums cheaper in Korea?

No. The biggest difference is shipping and customs fees. In South Korea, an album will usually be less than $20USD, but the same album would be $30USD or more internationally.

How do I find a Korean seller?

To meet genuine suppliers from Korea for K-pop merchandise, you want to go for online platforms like or is where you should go. These platforms host a vast number of suppliers of Kpop band merchandise/directory in a huge category.

Where is KPOP Omo located?

Where are you located? We are based in Seoul, Korea (home of KPOP!). We also have a warehouse in USA to provide for faster and cheaper shipping options for USA customers on select products.

Why are unsealed albums cheaper?

unsealed means the album u buy is already unsealed so u can request the photocard of the member u want, thats why the unsealed one is more expensive than the sealed one. Sealed means that the album (or whatever you ordered) hasn’t been opened yet so that means the clear wrap will still be on the product.

How much is BTS album Philippines?

Top Bts Price List 2022
Top 10 products Price Store
BTS [Onhand] – Album [Be (Essential Edition)] Sealed ₱ 990.00 Shopee
BTS Onhand The Fact Special Photobook: We Remember Tingi ₱ 450.00 Shopee
Bts Throw Pillow [Jungkook Jimin V Suga Rm Suga Jin] 13X13 ₱ 150.00 Shopee

How much is BTS album be?

List Price: $50.98 Details
You Save: $16.98 (33%)

How do you know if a K-pop album is first press?

When a kpop group releases an album, they will print a quantity a first time to release for selling. This is First press. First press albums are the ones included in the first round of printing. After these ones sell out, they will print second press albums.

What is POB in K-pop?

Although the word photobook doesn’t perfectly capture the essence of a POB, it is what comes closest. It can be described as a mini photo album, which contains pictures of all the members of the band. The reason why a POB is special is because the pictures are usually exclusive and are not easily available.

How much are K-pop albums?

KPop albums can be fairly expensive, ranging from $25-$50 on average.

How do I cover my Kpop album?

Which BTS albums have QR codes?

With MOTS: Persona, BigHit has re-inserted a QR code into the CD pack. This is the third album that includes a QR code, the other two being LY:TEAR and LY:ANSWER. Each copy of the album will or should have a card with a dedicated code.

How do I know if my BTS album is real?

They will not have BigHit official seal and will most probably have a local QR code for fancafe or facebook site. They will also be low quality and not HQ becasue people have used some fancafe pictures of the internet and printed them in bulk for sale. They should have a sticker like so, if they are legit.