Where is Rio de Janeiro located in the world?

It is located on the Atlantic Ocean, in the southeastern part of the tropical zone of South America, and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful and interesting urban centres.

Is Rio de Janeiro a country or a state?

Rio de Janeiro, estado (state) of southeastern Brazil, bounded by the states of Espírito Santo (north), Minas Gerais (west), and São Paulo (southwest), while to the east lies the Atlantic Ocean.

Where abouts in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro?

About Rio de Janeiro

The city is located in the south east of Brazil at the South Atlantic Ocean, 220 mi (355 km) east of São Paulo and 580 mi (930 km) south east of Brasília, Brazil’s capital. Panorama of Barra da Tijuca, the famous borough in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Where is Rio de Janeiro located and why is it important?

Rio de Janeiro is a large city of 11.7 million people situated on the south east coast of Brazil in South America. It is the second largest city in Brazil (after São Paulo), and is the 39th largest city in the world. It was the capital city of Brazil up until 1960, when it was replaced by Brasilia.

Is Rio a real place?

listen)), or simply Rio, is the second-most populous city in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas. Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the state of the same name, Brazil’s third-most populous state, after São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Is Rio de Janeiro an island?

The name Rio de Janeiro means “River of January”, and is based upon finding this destination on this date. It would be some 53 years later that one of the islands of Guanabara Bay was colonised and occupied by 500 French settlers. Today, this island is known as Villegagnon Island.

What language do they speak in Rio de Janeiro?

Portuguese is the official and national language of Brazil and is widely spoken by most of the population.

Why is Rio de Janeiro a world city?

Rio is important for its art and culture scene. It is also important as a transport hub, with its international airport and docks, which enable trade. … Rio is also important at an international level. The city hosted the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and, in 2014, was a host city for the World Cup.

What language is spoken in Brazil?

Portuguese is the first language of the vast majority of Brazilians, but numerous foreign words have expanded the national lexicon. The Portuguese language has undergone many transformations, both in the mother country and in its former colony, since it was first introduced into Brazil in the 16th century.

Is English spoken in Brazil?

English isn’t spoken widely

Not many Brazilians speak English, particularly outside Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. … Brazilians are hospitable, though, and most will figure out a way to communicate. It’s helpful to come prepared with a good phrasebook.

What is the main religion in Brazil?

Roman Catholic
Brazil’s religious landscape is as diverse as it’s ethnic and geographic diversity. Accordingly, the majority of Brazilians in the country identify as Roman Catholic (64.4%), thus reflecting it’s historical relationship with Portugal and the Catholic Church.

Is Brazil safe?

In general, Brazil is relatively safe for visitors and tourists. The scenarios that involve tourists usually involve non-violent pick-pocketing or muggings, but in most cases, tourists usually do not encounter these issues.

Is Brazil a nice country?

Brazil is renowned for its friendly population. … Brazil is a place where people will be genuinely interested in you and what you do, with a sincerity that many find lacking in other countries. You will find this warmth extended to the whole family, as Brazilians are a very family-oriented bunch.

What is thank you in Brazil?

‘Obrigado‘ means ‘thank you. ‘ As Portuguese is a gender-based language, men say ‘obrigado’ with an ‘o’ at the end, and women say ‘obrigada’ with an ‘a’ at the end.

Is Brazil poor?

To put it simply, Brazil is a nation of stark contrasts. Although the nation has some of the wealthiest in the world, many more suffer from extreme poverty. 26% of the population still lives below the poverty line.

How poor is Rio de Janeiro?

However, the Rio de Janeiro-based think tank estimates that 12.8% of Brazil’s population — some 27 million people — are now living below the poverty line of 246 reais a month, the most since the series began a decade ago.

Is USA safe?

The US is a relatively safe place but it does have a higher crime rate than Australia which means you should exercise caution at all times. Mass shootings/gun violence have been more frequent in the last couple of years in the US. Burglary is another very common occurrence with reports of more than 2 million a year.