Why are Squishmallows sold out everywhere?

Squishmallows are essentially the latest and greatest in the cuddly plush toy sector of the market. … These toys are perfect for toddlers because they’re compact, soft, and made to be hugged. With so many in need of comfort during the pandemic, it stands to reason that’s why they’ve been selling out in droves.

Why are Squishmallows so hard to find?

Collectors are feeling the crunch of Squishmallows’ increased popularity, saying that it makes the toys difficult to find. Kelly said “demand has outpaced supply,” leading the company to ramp up production to meet it.

Are Squishmallows discontinued?

2020 Releases

– Hello Kitty and Friends Squishmallows – 6 types are discontinued.

Does Squishmallow have a website?

Buyer Beware: The only “official” online shop for Squishmallows is Squishmallows.com and the websites of our participating retailers listed on Squishmallows.com/retailers .

Are there rare Squishmallows?

Many of the rarest Squishmallows are exclusives, either through certain stores or a limited time (or both). One of the reasons Mariah is so rare is that she was an Aldi grocery store exclusive in the second half of 2020. The 7” baby squad Squishmallows are all a bit rare, but Mariah is the rarest of all.

How do you know if Squishmallow is real?

The first should say “Original Squishmallows: Squeeze and Cuddle Me.” The second should say Kelly Toys, plus information about Squishmallows. The final tag includes the toy’s ID and batch number. All real Squishmallows, regardless of where they are sold, have these tags.

Why are Squishmallows so popular?

The cute plush toy can foster community among collectors, content creators and fans alike. While some may find Squishmallows’ sudden popularity childish, annoying, obsessive or pointless, the line of soft and cozy toys clearly benefits many.

What makes Squishmallows so squishy?

Squishmallows are plush toys stuffed with super soft, marshmallowy polyester fiber.

What is the most popular Squishmallow?

Chip the Beaver
Chip the Beaver is one of the most popular Squishmallows because of how simple and sweet he looks.

Is there a wolf Squishmallow?

Squishmallows Ainsley the Wolf 18 inch Plush.

How do I register my Squishmallow?

Squishmallows® on Twitter: “You can register your Squishmallows here: https://t.co/PRu12LBiNJ https://t.co/SUDmqxi3IK” / Twitter.

What is the most popular Squishmallow 2021?

  • Fantasy Squad. Kelly Toy. $5 AT CLAIRES.COM. …
  • French Fry Floyd. Kelly Toy. Squishmallow. …
  • Hello Kitty. Squishmallow. Squishmallows. …
  • Surprise Squishmallow. Kelly Toy. $5 AT CLAIRES.COM. …
  • Citrus Squad. Kelly Toy. Squishmallow. …
  • Disney Characters. Kelly Toy. Squishmallow. …
  • Pompompurin Burger. Kelly Toy. Kellytoy. …
  • Dumbo.

What’s the biggest Squishmallow size?

Kellytoy created the line of loveable buddies from super soft, marshmallow-like texture and polyester (machine washable) and come in a variety of sizes from 3.5-inch clip-ons to an extra large 24 inches.

What is the oldest Squishmallow?

HAPPY MONDAY! Cam was the first Squishmallow!

Do all Squishmallows have the same name?

Yes, each of these squishy animals has been given has their own special bio! Each Squishmallow has both a squad name and an adorable name all their own! Keep reading to learn more about these cuddly, plush creatures!

How many sizes of Squishmallows are there?

Squishmallows originally came in four sizes, but are now sold in 12 different sizes ranging from a clip-on 3.5 inches to a large 24 inches.

Can you make your own Squishmallow?

We make all kinds of custom plush in all kinds of shapes and sizes…from all kinds of materials! You’ve Got Options. Any other kind of plush – any size, any shape!