What is the best area of Puerto Rico to stay in?

Old San Juan
The best areas to stay in Puerto Rico include Old San Juan for sightseeing, Rio Grande for adventure lovers, Rincon and Cabo Rojo to surf and find the best sunsets, Vieques to see the bioluminescent bay, and Culebra to relax on the beach.

What area should I stay in San Juan Puerto Rico?

Old San Juan
The best areas to stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico include Old San Juan for sightseeing; Condado, Ocean Park, and Isla Verde are the best areas to stay for beach bumming and familiar fun while Miramar sports the best hotels for business travelers.

Where should I stay in Puerto Rico for the first time?

  • Old San Juan – where to stay in Puerto Rico for the first time. …
  • Culebra Island – where to stay for sandy beaches. …
  • Rincon – where to stay for budget travellers. …
  • Ponce – where to stay for culture enthusiasts. …
  • Vieques Island – where to stay for ultimate relaxation.

Is it better to stay in Old San Juan or Condado?

For Puerto Rico, I always recommend a few nights in Old San Juan and then a few nights on the beach. The area of Condado is a great and close option to the airport where there is a stunning beach and you’re close to other water activities. You could also consider staying in the Isla Verde area.

Where should you not stay in Puerto Rico?

Safe Neighborhoods and Areas in Puerto Rico

Visitors should avoid areas like Puerta de Tierra, El Parque de las Palomas, Piñones and La Perla at night. Other great areas for tourists are Rio Grande, Fajardo, Ponce, Cabo Rojo, Vieques, Culebra, and Rincon.

Where do most tourists stay in Puerto Rico?

San Juan
The hotels in San Juan and the east coast are the most popular among off-island visitors to Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, the south and west regions of the Island are more often frequented by locals and tend to be busier during summer months, which is the high season for Puerto Ricans traveling around the Island.

Should I stay Condado or Isla Verde?

If you enjoy a highly walkable neighborhood with lots of independent restaurants and bars nearby, you may prefer Condado. If bigger hotels with everything you need onsite are a priority (or if you don’t mind driving), then Isla Verde will probably fit your vacation needs.

How many days do you need in San Juan?

Stay for two days to enjoy the full breadth of island life with morning mist rolling through the farmlands and fiery sunsets over the water. Consider visiting during the week to avoid larger weekend crowds and spend time island-hopping between activities on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez Island.

Is Condado Beach nice?

According to past travelers, you won’t be disappointed with Condado, as long as you recognize it’s not a remote strip of sand, but rather a beach that sits alongside a bustling city. But its proximity to so many hotels and resorts makes it all the more tourist-friendly.

Is Isla Verde a public beach?

Tips for Visiting Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico

If you’re not staying at a hotel, head to Balneario de Carolina, a public beach with restrooms, parking, and other amenities.

Are all beaches in San Juan public?

All beaches on Puerto Rico, even those fronting the top hotels, are open to the public. Public bathing beaches, with lifeguards and facilities, are called balnearios and charge for parking and for use of lockers and showers.

How far is Condado from the airport?

Direct Transportation

Even better, the airport is only a quick 15 minutes away from the luxurious Condado Vanderbilt, so you can have a glass of champagne in your hand at your San Juan hotel within an hour of touching ground.

Can you swim to Isla Verde?

Pine Grove Beach – Isla Verde, Carolina, PR

Pine Grove Beach’s waters are both calm and wavy. Starting at the The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and ending at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, you can enjoy the calmest waters – perfect for swimming and doing a little snorkeling.

Do Puerto Rico have all inclusive resorts?

Puerto Rico, including the capital of San Juan, does not have any true all-inclusive resorts that bundle rooms, meals, activities, and gratuities into one price, such as those found in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Are beaches in San Juan nice?

Even the capital city of San Juan features some gorgeous stretches of sand, as well as beach resorts for all budgets and styles of traveler. … But some of the most beautiful beaches are found outside the city, including three on the nearby Isla Verde coastline.

Is Ocean Park San Juan Safe?

Ocean Park is a safe beach neighborhood and only a 10 minute walk from Condado, a highly touristic area packed with even more restaurants, spas and shops. The Historical Old San Juan is a 10 minutes car ride and so is the airport.

Is Isla Verde Nice?

Isla Verde is the enchanting resort strip of San Juan and is known for its beautiful beaches. Despite having such a great beach area, Isla Verde – which translates to “Green Island” – offers some beautiful nature to see too. These are a few of the things you must experience in Isla Verde.