What happens to Risa at the end of unwind?

Risa escapes unwinding by ending up with a spinal cord injury so bad she can‘t walk. And Connor escapes unwinding by finding a fake ID and managing to pass himself off as an older guard.

What happens to Risa and Connor at the end of unwind?

When children are unwound, their bodies are dissected, and their organs are harvested for a national database. Connor and Risa refuse to give in to death that easily, and they drag Levi along with them on their run for freedom.

What happens to baby Didi unwind?

Two weeks later, the baby was again left at the doorstep of the Lassiter family; this time, with jaundice. The infant was sick and in very bad condition, so when they brought him to the hospital, he died shortly afterwards. … It was his memory that urged Connor to save Didi from the unwilling family she was storked in.

What happens to Risa in Unwholly?

Connor is struggling to run the Graveyard. Starkey arrives and causes hassle. Risa is taken to a mansion where a teenager called Cam lives. … Risa escapes after telling everyone during a press conference that she had been blackmailed.

Who is Humphrey dunfee?

Harlan Dunfee, known in legends as Humphrey Dunfee, is the unwound son of the Admiral.

Did Connor get Roland’s arm?

Roland Taggart was a boy whom Connor, Risa, Mai, and Hayden met in Sonia’s shop basement. He is troubled, like Connor but obviously a bit more, especially without someone like Risa to control his temper. Roland was unwound, and his right forearm was transplanted onto Connor.

Do Risa and Connor end up together?

Connor and Risa are a couple, fully committed and in love with one another.

Where do Risa and Connor meet up?

Connor and Risa meet Roland (no last name given) in the basement of the antiques shop that’s part of the unwind Underground Railroad. Roland is set to be unwound because he beat up his stepfather for beating his mother, and then his mother ended up taking her man’s side.

Who does Risa meet on the bus?

Risa, now a reluctant fake mother, finds a seat on the school bus next to a girl named Alexis. She, too, is a teen mom and is happy to meet Risa. They pretend that Connor is the father and Lev is a brother. Risa also pretends to be happy, even though she’s furious at Connor for taking a baby.

Why is Risa worried about Connor Unwind?

Risa has shown herself to be the type who puts her head down in situations like these and goes with the flow, hence why Connor reading Criminology for Morons is disturbing for her—it suggests that Connor isn’t following her lead and sticking with what they know about how to survive.

Is there romance in Unwind?


The romance in this book was like a little sidenote to the whole story. But you should feel assured that it was a good sidenote. The romance between Risa and Connor was sweet and intense but it didn’t take over the entire story like romance tends to do in most dystopian novels.

Why do Connor and Risa get into an argument?

Risa and Connor argue over how they are going to get food and other things they need. Why did they extend the argument and what did each want to do? Connor wanted to steal what they needed. Risa wants to be clever about it instead of rushing in blind.

What does Risa Ward look like?

She has shiny, silky, dark brown hair that has a brilliant sheen. Her brown eyes are also described as full-of-life. She was described by Connor as pretty, possessing a natural kind of beauty. She eventually had to change her hair and eye colors when she went into hiding.

Is Risa paralyzed in Unwind?

Paralyzed, she can’t be unwound. Also, she’s only paralyzed from the waist down, leaving her hands free to play piano, which is her dream. Leave it to Risa to find hope in even the grimmest situation.

What happens between Risa and Roland on Christmas?

What happens between Risa and Roland on Christmas? Roland attacks her in the bathroom. Why does Risa get mad at Connor? Connor did not try to help her.

How old is Risa in Unwind?

Risa Ward is a fifteen-year-old teenage resident at a state home orphanage in Ohio and was scheduled to be unwound to cut orphanage costs. Extremely smart, resourceful, and tough, Risa’s skills help Connor and Lev survive and get out of many sticky situations.

How does Risa view Connor?

Having grown up in a State Home, 15-year-old Risa has learned that she can best protect herself by analyzing the situations in which she finds herself. Although Risa is at first eager to escape from Connor’s influence, she comes to admire and even love him. Like Connor, Risa is a compassionate and talented youth.

Who are the Goldens in Unwind?

The Goldens were the five seventeen-year olds who were once in charge of the Graveyard, under the Admiral. They are Amp, Jeeves, Melinda, Kevin and Raul.

What is Risa like in Unwind?

She is inherently distrustful of people, but on the inside she is very emotional and caring. Risa is also extremely smart, resourceful, and tough girl who can take good care of herself. During their escape she manages to get food, clothes, and to get out of many sticky situations.

Is Unwind going to be a movie?

Neal Shusterman announced in January 2020 Unwind was now being developed as a TV series, he has said the movie project “didn’t work out”. …

What stops Roland from killing Connor?

Roland gets the upper hand by getting a grip on Connor and crushing his windpipe, but just before Connor passes out, Roland lets go. He can’t bring himself to eliminate him. “Consider yourself lucky” (6.56. 24), Roland says, even though they’re all going to die soon anyway.

What did the social worker tell Risa?

How did Risa find out she was being unwound? The headmaster, her social worker, and a lawyer meet with her. They tell her that they are running out of space in the state homes and that she has reached her potential. Perhaps if she had chosen a less competitive course of study.

Who is Marcus in Unwind?

Marcus Calder is Lev’s older brother and, at twenty-eight, is the oldest of the Calder children.

Why was Risa assigned to be a medic at the graveyard?

They ask what Risa is good at. When it seems like she’s only good at piano, and they have no piano to play, they assign her the role of dishwasher. She accepts without resistance, but when a boy with a bloody nose comes in, Risa helps him. So then they assign her to medic instead.

Where do Connor Risa and Lev hide at the school?

the girls’ bathroom
All the kids file into school, but Connor, Risa, Lev, and the baby hide in the girls’ bathroom. Hiding in separate stalls, Connor explains to Risa about how they once got storked, so his dad snuck the baby to a different house, and everyone basically passed the baby around until it died.