Who is Gwen’s dad Sky High?

Stitches is a supervillain, the sidekick/adopted father of Gwen Grayson, and the secondary antagonist in Sky High.

Who is Royal Pains sidekick?

Jim Rash as Mr. Grayson / Stitches, Royal Pain’s bumbling cackling sidekick. He raised her as his daughter after she was turned into a baby by the “Pacifier”.

Who played the shapeshifter in Sky High?

Kelly Vitz
Magenta, sometimes referred to as Maj, is one of the main characters in Sky High. She is one of Will’s friends, and she is a sidekick. She is portrayed by Kelly Vitz.

Who played the villain in Sky High?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred as Gwen Grayson/Royal Pain, the movie’s main villain. She was a technopath and Will had a crush on her until he realized that she was evil.

Is Gwen Royal Pains daughter?

Taking on the role of Mr. Grayson, a normal man, he renamed the baby Gwendolyn “Gwen” Grayson, and raised her as his own daughter. With time, Gwen resumed acting as Royal Pain, and Mr. Grayson resumed acting as Stitches.

What’s Will Stronghold power?

Supersonic Flight
Supersonic Flight: Will possesses the power to fly which he inherited from his mother when surprising Royal Pain (and himself) after falling through a window.

Is Gwen evil Sky High?

Gwendoline “Gwen” Grayson (real name Susan “Sue” Tenny), also known as the villainous Royal Pain, is the main antagonist of the 2005 Disney live-action movie Sky High.

How tall was Zach in Sky High?

Appearance. Zack is 6’7” in height, he is a supposedly self-confident boy, with bleached white-blond hair.

Why wasnt there a Sky High 2?

Sky High 2 was held back by financial complications

However, the box office performance of “Sky High” wasn’t up to Disney’s standards (it made a little over $83 million worldwide against a 35 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo), and thus neither “Save U” nor the “Sky High” TV series ever saw the light of day.

Who is Layla in Sky High?

Danielle Panabaker
Sky High (2005) – Danielle Panabaker as Layla – IMDb.

How fast is speed in Sky High?

Jetstream (Sky High) Powers/Abilities: Able to fly at supersonic speeds. Apparantly able to survive in space, able to fly from Earth to Moon in 23 minutes (suggesting a top speed around 16,500 mph outside an atmosphere).

Is Sky High a Disney Channel movie?

Sky High is a 2005 American superhero comedy film from Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by Mike Mitchell and was written by Paul Hernandez, Robert Schooley, and Mark McCorkle.

Do Will and Layla get together in Sky High?

Will and Layla are a couple at the end of the movie and are seen kissing and floating in mid-air outside the homecoming dance, as well as Will revealing they are dating at the very end of the movie.

What age is Danielle Panabaker?

Is there a Disney character named Layla?

Layla is a character and antagonist of Disney Channel’s Original Series, Dog With a Blog.

Who is Warren Peace father?

Barron Battle
Warren Peace’s father was the supervillain Barron Battle. His mother was a hero whose name was never give, but it is likely that her surname was “Peace.” Years ago, the Commander arrested Warren’s father, who was convicted and sentenced to four life sentences.

Who played Warren Peace?

Steven Strait is an American actor and singer. He is best known for starring in the adventure film Sky High and the science fiction series The Expanse.


Who is Warren Peace?

Geoffrey Alexander MacCormack, better known as Warren Peace, is an English vocalist, composer and dancer best known for his work with David Bowie in the 1970s.