Who made Tiny Bubbles famous?

Don Ho
Don Ho, the iconic Hawaiian entertainer whose signature song, “Tiny Bubbles,” and laid-back, aloha style made him as much an island tourist attraction as Diamond Head and hula dancers for more than four decades, died Saturday. He was 76.

Did Elvis Presley sing Tiny Bubbles?

For some 40 years he entertained tourists in Hawaii, performing his repertoire of songs (he did know more than one), telling jokes, offering vignettes of Hawaiian history, teaching them how to make an “Aloha” sign – and singing Tiny Bubbles. …

Did Don Ho write Tiny Bubbles?

“Tiny Bubbles” is a song written by Leon Pober and performed by Don Ho.

Tiny Bubbles.
“Tiny Bubbles”
Length 2:45
Label Reprise
Songwriter(s) Leon Pober
Producer(s) Sonny Burke

When did the song Tiny Bubbles come out?