How do I get Facebook to accept my name?

Choose Account Settings which brings up General Account Settings page. First line is your name and to the right you have an Edit button. Use it to change your name. Facebook doesn’t believe your last name is really “Smiles”.

What do I do if my Facebook name doesn’t match my ID?

To submit an appeal, click the notification saying that your ID was rejected, or go to Find the authorization with the error, click Submit an Appeal, enter a reason why you think we made a mistake and then click Submit. After submitting your appeal, allow 48 hours for a response.

How do I bypass Facebook real name?

  1. Log in to your Facebook account, click “Account” and choose “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click “Change” where it says “Your Real Name.”

How can I change my name on Facebook without it getting rejected?

Always use your real name, sans any professional, military or religious title.
  1. Use of Symbols. Your Facebook name cannot include any symbols, such as “!” or “$,” or numbers — only characters meant to be included in a real first or last name are allowed. …
  2. Fake Names. …
  3. Multiple Names. …
  4. Offensive Words.

Why is Facebook asking me to confirm my identity 2021?

Facebook says it would ask you to upload an id for two reasons: To confirm the account your trying to access is actually yours; or to confirm your name. … If you do upload any of those forms of ID, Facebook says it’s encrypted and stored securely.

Why is everyone changing their name on Facebook 2020?

Facebook says it will amend its controversial “real name” policy. … “People need to feel safe and be confident they know who they are communicating with,” says Facebook. “When people use the names they are known by, their actions and words carry more weight because they are more accountable for what they say.

Why I Cannot change my name on Facebook?

You can only change your name every 60 days. Your name doesn’t follow our name policy. You changed your name in the last 60 days, or you tried to change it too frequently. … Your name doesn’t match the name that appears on an item from our ID list.

How do I change my name on Facebook 2021?

To change your name on Facebook for Android:
  1. Review our name standards.
  2. In the top right of Facebook, tap .
  3. Scroll down and tap Settings & privacy, then tap Settings.
  4. Tap Personal and account information.
  5. Tap Name.
  6. Enter your name and tap Review change.
  7. Enter your password and tap Save changes.

How many times Facebook page name can be changed?

Keep in mind, you can only change your name every 60 days. Your profile name should be one that appears on an ID or other official documentation. How do I change my Facebook Page’s name? Facebook Page names must accurately reflect the Page’s topic.

How can I change my Facebook name without 2021?

Step 2: Go to Facebook settings

Open the Facebook mobile app and tap the menu icon on the upper-right corner. Tap Settings & Privacy and then Settings. Under “Account Settings,” select Personal Information. Select Name to update your name.