Uber Eats is an online food delivery service, where you can order foods from your favorite restaurants and get them delivered to your home.

Here on, you do not have to visit the restaurants and spend your time and moneyThe following steps will help you work for Uber Eats.

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Verify Your Eligibility to Work for Uber Eats

Every job has some requirements and so does the Uber Eats – https://www.ubereats.com/en-US/. You must have the eligibility to work for Uber Eats. Do not apply if you are not eligible. Make sure you have the following eligibility criteria.

  • You should be at least 19 years old to work for Uber Eats.
  • You must upload a copy of your original and valid driver’s license for the country you want to work. Your driver’s license will help to verify your age and prove that you know driving.
  • You should possess at least one year of driving experience. You will have to upload a copy of ‘Safe Driving’ record for the past one year.

Verify the Eligibility of Your Vehicle

Not only you, but also your vehicle will have to meet the requirements set by Uber Eats. You can deliver foods through bike or scooter. However, Uber Eats cars have to meet the following criteria.

  • Your car should not have a salvage title. It must be fully insured in your name. The make and model of the car should not be earlier than 1996.
  • It should pass a vehicle inspection. It should not be a taxi or other marked vehicle. Should not be a full-size van.

Wait for Acceptance

You cannot work for Uber Eats as soon as you apply. Instead, you need to wait for some days to let them process your application and conduct a background check.

  • Apply for the job if you and your vehicle are eligible according to the Uber Eats norms.
  • Create an account and fill up the required details. Upload the scanned copies of driver’s license and vehicle’s insurance and registration.
  • Submit the application and wait for some time. The length of the time you must wait varies from one driver to another. Mostly, drivers are asked to wait for a day or two.

Download the App and Start Delivering

You will get your Uber Eats ‘Log-In’ credentials as soon as you receive the appetence mail.

  • Download the Uber Eats app on your device and sign up with your ‘Log-In’ credentials.
  • Accept the delivery request from the customer. Navigate to the restaurant to pick-up the foods.
  • Once foods are picked up, navigate to the customer’s location to deliver them.

Work for Uber Eats as Delivery Boy

If you want to earn decent income, then you can work for Uber Eats as a delivery boy. These days, people place online food orders rather than visiting the restaurants, so working for Uber Eats is a great way to kick starts your career.

  • Uber Eats have set some requirements for drivers. You must meet those requirements to work for Uber Eats. Visit the official Uber Eats site and start your ‘Sign-Up’ process.
  • Create an account by providing all your necessary details. If need be, submit the copy of your license and vehicle’s insurance and registration.
  • Uber Eats will process your application by taking some time. If you are selected, you will receive ‘Log-In’ credentials from Uber on your email.
  • ‘Sign-up’ with the ‘Log-In’ credentials and start working for Uber Eats.


Make sure you are eligible to work for Uber Eats before applying rather than getting rejected by them in the first time.

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