Wrap Christmas Presents: Box Presents

  1. Gather the needed supplies

To wrap Christmas presents, you need materials such as wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. With these materials at hand, you’re good to go.

  1. Remove any price tag

In the current time and age, it’s considered as lack of proper etiquette to leave the price tags or stickers conspicuous on the present. Since the present is a surprise, your recipient shouldn’t know the cost of the present. Therefore, get rid of any price tag or sticker. And if you cannot get rid of it, use a black marker to blind the price.

  1. Secure fragile materials in a box

When wrapping presents, it’s always great to secure the fragile ones using some soft materials inside a box and ensure they don’t wobble in case of any motion. Use can use padding or tissue paper to ensure they do not break due to mild knocks. Also, you can seal the box flaps using a small piece of tape.

Tip: You can buy gift boxes from the very stores from where you buy your wrapping papers. Alternatively, you can use old packaging boxes lying idle in your home.

  1. Measure the right size of wrapping paper

Roll out your wrapping paper on a clean and flat working surface and do not cut it. Then, place your gift box in the middle of the paper in an upside-down position.  By doing that, the seams will end at the bottom part of the box.

After placing the box, bring the wrapping paper from one edge over the top of the box and the opposite edge. Having done that, estimate the extra amount of ribbon needed to wrap the paper completely. Next, cut the piece of paper using scissors. If you end up with a jagged edge, fold the edge to ensure that you have a smooth edge.

  1. Secure the paper

Ensure the box is in the middle of the paper and then pull up one side of the paper on one side and wrap it halfway over the top. After that, use a piece of box tape or Scotch tape to affix it to the box with a bit of tape.

When done with one side, you can go ahead and bring the other side from the bottom and over the top thereby overlapping the first one. Then, fold the last inch of the paper with a tight crease and then wrap it to overlap the first side. After that, affix the side with scotch tape or box tape.

Tip: Use double-sided tape for a cleaner finish.

  1. Wrap up the remaining two sides

Start by folding the top flap and the lower flap, thereby leaving two little flaps that resemble two wings. Fold the remaining wings onto the box and secure with scotch tape or a box tape to keep your gift box sealed.

  1. Fold the flaps of the remaining sides

After folding the flaps on end, stand the box and then fold the flaps of the remaining side using the same technique you used in wrapping the flaps of the opposite end. After that, fasten them with tape.

  1. Start wrapping the present box with a ribbon

Measure a ribbon five times longer than the box length and then cut it off using a pair of scissors. After that, place the ribbon flat and straight on the surface. Then, lay the wrapped box upside down on the ribbon. Pull up the ribbon end and then bring the right ribbon over the left and pull widthwise so that the two ribbons cross.

  1. Threat your ribbon

Turn your box on the right side up position and thread the two ribbon ends under the ribbon you wrapped earlier. After that, make a double knot and then create a simple bow. Having done that, adjust your loops using your fingers and then use scissors to cut the unsightly bow tails. When through with the above steps, your gift should be ready for dispatch.

Wrap Christmas Presents-Cylindrical Shaped

  1. Measure the present

Use a measuring tape to get precisely the amount of tissue paper needed to wrap the gift. To do that, wrap your measuring tape around the widest part and add 4 inches to the circumference. After that, measure the length from the top of the object to the bottom. By doing that, you should have length and width to cut from your tissue paper.

  1. Cut the right size of tissue paper

With the measurement you’ve taken from the object, you should be able to cut a triangle having the circumference as the width and the height as the length.

  1. Place your object on the piece of tissue you’ve cut

Place the cylindrical object in the middle of the paper with the height of the bottle along the length.

  1. Wrap up the present

Wrap the tissue paper around the side of the cylinder with the upper layer overlapping the lower a little bit. Fasten the upper tissue layer over the inner one at the center.

  1. Enclose the cylinder at the ends

Close the end of the cylinder by pinching the paper at the top and bottom and then rolling them like a piece of candy. Twist twice or thrice to secure the ends. After that, you can now embellish your present as you wish and then send it to the recipient.