It is no surprise to tell you that advanced technology has taken the place of letters.

However, many people still think that letters have some kind of precedence.

Also, we can’t simply deny the significance of hard copies even though we are living in an era of technological innovations where we have cloud services that we can use for faster communication.

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Likewise, envelopes hold a significant value when it comes to handing over the letters. If you want to know how to write an envelope, this article is for you. Read on!

Basically, an envelope’s cover has 3 essentials, which are the address of the receiver, the address of the sender – also known as the return address, and the postage stamp.

The Address of the Receiver – Personal Purposes

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First, you must ensure to write the receiver’s address in the correct format. Follow the steps given below to write the receiver’s address correctly on the envelope.

Step 1: Write the full name of the receiver.

Step 2: You must also write the name of the “Care for” C/O, which is the address of the person who can receive the envelope on behalf of the actual receiver.

Although this is optional but does come handy when the mail delivery personnel does not find the receiver’s address.

Step 3: The next step is to write the address. First, you need to write the street number and then the name of the street. You can also use abbreviations in case you don’t want to use full forms. For example, you can write ST. for the street and AVE for the avenue or “” for the House number.

Step 4: In the next line, you need to write the city name, the state’s name, and the zip code. Although the country’s name is optional – however, if you are sending the envelope abroad, you must mention the name of the country as well.

The Address of the Receiver – Professional Purposes

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When it comes to sending an envelope for a professional purpose – let’s say you want to send a letter to the receiver who works in your company, then you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Write the full name of the receiver in the first line

Step 2: Write the designation of the person who will receive the envelope.

Step 3: In the next line, write your company’s name.

Step 4: Write the street number.

Step 5: In the next line, mention or write the city’s name, state’s name, and the zip code.

The Address of the Sender

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Once you have written the address of the receiver, it is time to write your address. The sender’s address is also known as the return address. You must write your address on the envelope’s top left corner.

You must write the full address in the same way as you have written the receiver’s address. The reason for writing your address is that the receiver will know the location from where the letter is sent.

How to write an envelope to a business?

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People in the business field know the importance of writing envelopes. You can include a printed return address on all envelopes for your company, which matches the letterhead of the company.

When it comes to business envelopes, the address of the receiver is either typed or printed using a software application. However, you can have a hand-written address – particularly, if you are sending an envelope that contains confidential information.

A business envelope is different from a social event envelope. The difference is in the format of the letter’s content. However, keep in mind that there is no big difference in writing addresses. Follow the tips below to write a business envelope.

Write a complete return address

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Most businesses use printed envelopes, which includes the company’s name and return address. However, you can send a hand-written envelope as the U.S Postal Service accepts the hand-written addresses too for businesses.

Make sure the return address is written on the envelope’s top-left corner. You can also write it on the envelope flap. However, keep in mind that the U.S Postal Service prefers the return address on the front of the envelope.

Keep Left Alignment

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A business envelope requires you to keep the address aligned on the left. Write the address of the street on one line. In the next line, you need to write the name of the city and state as well as the zip code. Again, make sure everything is aligned left.

Write a formal receiver’s address

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It does not matter what kind of content is there is in the letter. It can be informal as you want but when it comes to the envelope address, it must be formal. This applies to both the sender’s and receiver’s addresses.

So, it is important to write the name of the recipient and his or her title in the first line. By title, we mean to say the designation of the receiver. In the next line, you need to write the address of the street. In the following line, mention the city’s name, the name of the state, and the zip code.

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