Uber is a platform that provides transportation services that you can utilize straight from your mobile phones or desktop.

It does not matter if it is a one-time ride or a round trip or a trip with multiple destinations, your Uber driver can fulfill your needs of multiple stopsHere we will describe how to add stops on Uber:

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Add One Stop Using Uber App

This requires the Uber app for this. Open your trip in progress in your Uber app using your smartphone. You can click on the bottom your screen inside the Uber app to pull that section.

  • You can see your driver’s details in that section along with other options like a current destination as well as cost and cancellation options.
  • Will see an “Add or Change” button the right side of the current destination option.
  • You need to tap add or change button so you can add your one stop. And keep in mind that you can make your stop only 3 minutes or less.
  • You have to click on the “Agree” button of keeping your stop to 3 minutes or less. Then you need to fill out the details of your 2nd stop.

Update Stop Location Details

As soon as you find the option add or change on the right side of the current destination option. You need to click on that option – https://www.uber.com/ride/how-uber-works/adjust-location/ to modify your trip.

  • You need to be agreed first that your stop will be only 3 minutes or less than click on done button at the bottom of the screen.
  • As you agreed to the conditions, you need to fill out the details of your second stop.
  • You need to click on the line which initially says add a stop then you need to search for your second destination.
  • You need to type your second destination details and few of the locations details will drop down and you need to click on the place name and city which is matching in your search list.
  • After adding your stop you need to update your details and keep in mind that fares may change if you go with a change in your destination.

Verify Your Modifications

This is a necessary step to verify any modifications you have made in your ride. You have to verify your change in stops in your Uber ride.

  • You will a box below the map that provides you with the details about your ride progressions.
  • The lighter colored top line is your pickup location, and the darker colored bottom line represents your stops in the order you wanted to see presented to your Uber driver.
  • In case you have modified any of the details in your rice you need to re-organize the stops as you want those to be.
  • After re-organization, you need to verify those changes.

Add 2 Stops on Your Uber Ride

It is an easy task and makes your ride more comfortable as if you need something to pick up or have a few minutes work at that place you can add it in your stop to make your ride more comfortable.

  • As usual, open your Uber app on your mobile phone. Look for the where to box below your current location option.
  • You need to click on the “+” button on the right side of where to box and then you will see “Add a Stop” instead of where to.
  • You need to fill up your details in add a stop box and click on the closed matching location drops down as you type for your stop.
  • After adding your stops, you need to verify your change and keep in mind that it will change in the fare structure as well.

Adding Multiple Stops on Your Uber Ride

Sometimes you need to pick some stuff on your ride then you can use this to stop during your Uber ride and pick your things up.

  • You need to click on the where to option in the Uber app then click on the “+” sign button to add your stops.
  • You need to fill all the details of your stops and then you should request your ride.
  • If you have filled some of the details wrong or there is a change in plans for some reasons, you can edit your stops in real time.
  • As you edit all the details of your stops, your driver will get updated locations of your stops automatically through the Uber app.
  • But in case you need to know as you edit or change or add any stop in your Uber ride, there are some added fees.

Round Trips

Sometimes you realize that you need to go back to your pickup location as you have just a few minutes of work at your destination place.

  • It is a good feature as sometimes your destination place has no services or any cab service nearby.
  • In that case, you can use multiple destination features which are in the Uber app and request for 2 users to do a round trip.
  • You can even ask your driver to wait but in most cases, drivers do not wait if your stop is more than a few minutes.

Taking a Round Trip in an Uber

This is an amazing feature which is the part of multiple destination feature of the Uber app.

  • First, you need to go for the home screen of the Uber app and tap on the “Where To?” box.
  • You need to enter your location in the 2nd row.
  • You need to tap on the “+” button on the right side of the where to box.
  • And you can add your home as the final stop after adding all the details of your stops


  • You should keep in mind that waiting for more than 3 minutes is chargeable.
  • The changes you make in your trip after you have been picked up or driver has accepted your ride.

In case you are paying through electronic wallet like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Phone or Samsung Pay, Uber will refund the whole expense from the initial request.

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