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  • Start by opening the iPhone’s phone app located on the Home screen. It features a green background with a white phone icon.
  • After launching the app, click on the voicemail icon located on the lower right corner of the iPhone’s screen.
    • By tapping the Voicemail starts a call, then you’ll have to properly follow the spoken words from this place to complete the Voicemail set up.
  • Then click on Set up Now. This option appears at the center of the page.
    • Incase this option doesn’t appear, then your Voicemail is readily set up; also, you can record a greeting through hitting on greeting in the upper left corner of your screen. Mostly, this happens anytime you transfer vital information from an old to a new phone.
  • With that, type a password. Remember to add 4 to 6 digits.
  • Click on Done, its found on the upper right corner of your iPhone screen.
  • Retype your password once more to confirm the voicemail password.
  • Again click on done to finish the voicemail change set up. Your device will direct you to the voicemail greeting page.
  • Click on Custom when you need to record a greeting. It’s close to the upper part of the page.
  • After that, on the option located at the bottom right screen corner, Tap Record, then record your message. Ensure you are making clear and audible voicemail recordings.
  • Click on Stop located where the record button was initially located.
  • Tap on Save. This button is found on top of the screen. Now your iPhone has a voicemail with a greeting and password attached to it.
    • To play the recording, click on Play located on the bottom left of the screen. You can tap the cancel button on the screen’s left corner to cancel your record.

How to Change Voicemail on iPhone Att

  • Begin by launching your iPhone’s phone app. It’s found on the Home screen and features a green background.
  • Click on Voicemail found on the lower corner of your screen.
  • Tapping the voicemail channels you to a page saying “Set up now” then shift to the next method. Also, you can click and hold 1 to call your iPhone’s Voicemail.
  • Then key in your password when prompted. But you can do this immediately when the voicemail assistant says, “Please enter your password.”
    • You can as well skip this step if no password request prompt. Also, if you have no idea about your password, use the last four digits of your phone number.
  • Keep on following the set-up prompts. Don’t get stuck here as your voicemail assistant will explain to you precisely the requirements in each step. The steps include:
    • Recording a greeting.
    • Setting a password that ranges between 4-15 digits.
    • Stating your name.

Changing Voicemail on iPhone Back to Default

  • On the “Home” screen menu, tap on the phone then Voicemail to move to the iPhone’s voicemail settings.
  • After that, tap on greeting then choose Default if you want to use default greeting in your voice mails. If you’re going to develop a personalized greeting, tap on Custom. From there, click on the record to speak your greeting. Then click on stop to end your recording.
  • Having done that, click Play to listen to the greeting.
  • Tap “Save” to save the settings.
  • On the home screen, tap Settings then select sounds if you want to edit the voicemail alert settings. Click “On” or “Off” to choose if you wish to receive a new voice mail or want to listen to an alert sound.
  • Finally, click on “Phone” and “Settings” to either reset or change the voicemail password. Click on “Change Voicemail Password,” then follow the steps that are displayed to change the password.

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