Your gadget stores data concerning what you do.

This is to make things easy like tracing a missed call or tracking down a recently visited websiteIf you don’t want someone to see something they shouldn’t, there is an easy way to do thatClearing the History or erasing everything on your iPhoneHere’s what to do;

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Clearing Browsing History on iPhone safari

  • Start by launching the Settings app.
  • Scroll down then click on “Safari.” you should get this on the fifth group of options.
  • On the Safari menu scroll down then select “Clear History and Website Data.” You’ll be asked to confirm by a pop-up window.
  • In case the button is greyed-out, ensure you block all website restrictions. Move back to the settings menu, then click on “Restrictions.” Key in the restrictions password then tap on “Websites.” Select “All Websites” to permit History clearing.
    • You can’t clear History if you don’t have the passcode.
  • Confirm that you need to erase the History. The safari browsing history, cookies, and cache, and autofill will be deleted from your iPhone.

Clearing History on iPhone google Chrome

  • Launch the Chrome app on the iPhone. You can erase browsing history on the Chrome app itself.
  • On the menu button (⋮) tap on “Settings.” Ensure you move down to see it.
  • Click on the “Privacy” option then a new menu appears with a range of reset options.
  • With that, select “Clear Browsing History” to erase your browsing history. Click confirm to delete it.
  • Then click on “Clear All” to erase all the browsing data. This clears all cache, cookies, History, and site data.
  • Select “Clear Saved Autofill Form Data” to get rid of autofill data. This removes all the suggestions that display anytime you select text fields.

Note: If you don’t want your browsing history to be saved on your chrome on iPhone, use, incognito mode.

Clearing History on iPhone Google App

  • Click on the gear shaped-icon located on the top left corner of the Google app to display the settings panel.
  • Move down to the part labelled privacy, then tap History.
  • Select on View On-Device History.
  • Swipe all items you need to erase to the left, then tap on Delete. Repeat the procedure for all other activities that you need to remove.

Visited websites or Erased searches can’t show up immediately on the suggestion list when searching using a Google app.

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