When you are on a Mac, you’ll be browsing the internet through the use of “Safari”.

Safari is the internet browser that comes along with every single Mac console on the planet – so understanding some of the shortcuts that come with it (keyboard shortcuts, that is) could be important.

  1. Closing All of Your Tabs

When it comes to closing the current tab that you’ve got open, you can use the “Command+W” option to close it quickly. However, with a bit of change, you’ll be able to close every single window that you currently have open – this applies to both the Mac OS X application itself, as well as Mac Finder.

All you really need to do is add “Option” into the equation, so that it’s “Option+Command+W”. This will close absolutely every single window that’s open on your Mac, meaning Mac Finder and any other operation related to your Mac application will be closed. It’s very useful for those that have a busy workspace on their computers, and those who have a tendency to lose track of all the tabs being opened.

Going to “File -> Close All” is another way to go about closing every single tab that’s active at that moment, but it’s not as quick as doing it with a keystroke. The windows are going to close with haste, so if there’s anything important that you’re trying to retain, this may not be the option for you. Turn on the Auto-save function and go to town!

This is different from closing all of your windows on quit, as this is merely the shutting down of applications and the closing of windows associated with them. The applications will remain running when you close the tabs, they just won’t be cluttering your screen anymore.

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