There are times when you would need to convert a word document into an Excel worksheet. You do not have to copy each and every piece of information and then paste it in the Excel sheet. There are different quick methods available to convert the word document into a Microsoft Excel file.

Steps to Convert Microsoft Word File 2013 to Microsoft Excel File 2013

  1. Step 1

Open the word document that you would like to convert into an Excel worksheet. Once it opens up on your computer, click the ‘File’ option and then choose the ‘Save As’ option. Choose the destination folder where you would like to place the new document, like click on desktop and then choose a new folder or any other existing folder. Once done, you need to click on the down arrow in the “save as type” option from the drop-down menu and click on the ‘Plain Text’ option.

  1. Step 2

Press the ‘Save’ to save this new document as a text file. After this, there will be a file conversion option to show up on the screen. You just need to click on the OK button that you see at the bottom of the dialog box. There will be a preview of the text that you want to convert to the excel worksheet seen here.

  1. Step 3

Now it is time to open the Excel Workbook on your computer screen. As you are looking to convert a particular word document into an Excel file, you need to start this process by clicking the ‘Data’ option seen on the top menu bar. There will be a few options that will show up under the Data, choose the ‘From Text’ to see a pop-up window asking you to import the word file that you would like to convert. Once you locate the word document, press the Import button.

  1. Step 4

There will be a ‘Text Import Wizard’ dialog box popping up now.

The first step will be to choose the ‘delimiter’ option and then click on the ‘Next’ button.

The second step of the ‘Text Import Wizard’ will be to choose the way you want to split the data and a preview of the same will be seen. Once done, click the ‘Next’ option.

You will now be in the last step of the wizard where you get to choose the data format from the small format box. If no changes are to be made, just choose the ‘General’ option.

  1. Step 5

After the wizard box options are chosen, you just need to click on the Finish button. Once you do that, the Import Data dialog box opens up and here you will have to pick the call of the worksheet where you want the new text data. If you are looking to place it in a new sheet, then choose the ‘New worksheet’ option. After that, press the ‘OK’ button.

The world contents will automatically get imported to the Microsoft Excel worksheet. This is the process to convert the word to Excel is completed.

Steps to Converting Word to Excel on Mac

The following is a step by step procedure to easily convert the word file to the Excel worksheet on a Mac computer.

  1. Step 1

Open the Word document you want to convert and then press the File option. Here, choose the ‘Save As’ option and in the pop-up option, scroll to choose the Format option. Press on the drop-down menu and choose the PDF option and then click the Save option. Now, the conversion of the word document to PDF for Mac is over.

  1. Step 2

You need to download the PDF Converter OCR for Mac PCs to carry out the conversion of this new PDF file or the word file to Excel. Open the Creator option and then drag the converted PDF file that you would like to import. You will be asked to key in the format that you would like to convert this file. Type in or choose the output as Excel.

  1. Step 3

Finally, click the Convert button to export the PDF file as an Excel worksheet. Once the conversion is ready, you just need to click on this new Excel file to open it in Excel worksheet.

Shortcut Method to Convert Word to Excel for Windows

To do this conversion, you need to first download and install a good PDF converter for Windows on your PC. By using this software, you can easily convert the desired Word document into Excel in a matter of a few minutes.

  1. Step 1

Open the PDF converter and choose the option ‘create PDF’. Now, drag and drop the world file that you want to convert and then press the ‘Create’ button at the bottom of the box to first convert the word file into a PDF file.

  1. Step 2

Now, press the Convert PDF option on the conversion software and you will have to import the PDF file that you have just converted from the word file in the box.

  1. Step 3

After the file shows up on the box, you can move the cursor pointer down to the bottom of the box to press the Convert option. The conversion of this PDF word file to Excel will take place.

After the conversion, you can save the file on the desktop or any folder. Just double click on this new Excel file and it will instantly open as an Excel worksheet on your computer.