For inserting checkbox in excel, we need to add Developer tab in excel.

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Steps to add developer tab in excel

  • Click on File> Options> Customize Ribbon

  • Check this developer option to add developer tab in the ribbon and click ok.
  • Developer tab will appear.

Steps to create checklist

  • To open excel workbook and make a list as usual we make, not thinking about checkbox that will be added later.
  • Now to insert check box, go to Developer> Insert > Checkbox. (Third Option of First Line)

  • Then draw a checkbox in cell B3. (It is not necessary that it always get fix in a cell, You need to adjust it and it can be easily adjusted.)
  • Now remove the text “Check” written along with Box. To do this, select the button we just inserted and then Right Click and select Edit Text. Now erase all the text
  • Select Cell B3. Click on the lower right corner of cell B3 and drag it down till cell B10.
  • Right Click on the first Check Box and click format control. Link the cell to Next cell to it.
  • Repeat Step 6 with other checkboxes.
  • Now checklist is incomplete if we are not checking the percentage of work completed.  We will write total items under the complete list and mention Items packed/ Task Completed.
  • To check the Item packed we will use count if function. We will apply the following formula in cell B13 “=COUNTIF(C3:C10, TRUE)
  • Now so that everything looks proper and fine. Hide Column C. For that right click on C and select Hide.
  • Now your checklist is complete.


  • You can also use conditional formatting to check whether all items are packed or not. It will more simplify the checklist.

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