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  • On your PC’s browser, open the AOL cancellation page. You can use https://aol.mydashboard.oath.com/delete-my-account.
  • Log in to your AOL account, if possible. A prompt will ask you to key in your credentials. Type your email followed by Next, then type in your AOL password. Next, Sign in.
  • If you can’t remember your AOL account password, select on the blue “Forgot password?” hyperlink located beneath and close to the position where you can use to enter the AOL password after that follow the guidelines to help you in the password recovery.
  • With that, tap on “continue to delete my account.” It’s a red button located on the lower side of the page.
  • Again hit on the text box located in the middle of the page then type in your AOL account’s email.
  • Select “Yes, terminate this account.” This is a blue button found on the bottom side of the page.
  • Hit on “Got it” when prompted.

Doing this means that the AOL account has been eliminated from the AOL database and deletion process ongoing. Although AOL account deletion process may take some weeks to vanish from the search engine results.

How to Delete Mail Messages in AOL Account

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AOL Mail will assist you in deleting many consecutive and non-consecutive messages. The process is simple and will make your account clutter-free and organized. Here is a step by step guide:

  • On the “Start” menu found on the screen lower left side, select “All Applications” then choose your favorite web browser.
  • Visit the AOL page by typing “bill.aol.com” on the empty bar located on the upper section of the browser.
  • Having done that, enter your credentials in the white box located on the right side of the screen.
  • Then press and hold “Ctrl” then select all emails you want to erase if you need to delete non-consecutive emails.
  • Press and hold the “Shift” key to delete consecutive emails then select on the first email you want to erase. Again hold the “Shift” then select the last email that you need to erase. This activity picks the entire emails that you selected between the first email and the previous email.
  • Tap the “Delete” button then select “OK”. This will help you confirm your selection.
  • You can also repeat the steps above if you wish to erase many files from “Saved on AOL” and “saved to My PC” folders.
  • With that, tap on “Mail” then select “Recently Deleted Mail” if you want to erase many emails located on the “Recently Deleted”
  • Hit on the “Permanently Delete”

How to Delete an AOL Email Account on the iPhone

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  • On the iPhone menu, click on the Settings
  • Move down, and then click on Mail, Calendars, and Contacts In iPhone 10, the option says Mail.
  • After doing that, on the Accounts section of your phone’s screen, click on the AOL account.
  • Click on the Delete Account button located on the lower side of the screen.
  • Touch on “Delete from my iPhone” After that, confirm that you want to erase your AOL account from the iPhone.

Delete AOL Mail Account from Android

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  • On the android device, click on the settings app to launch it.
  • On the settings window, you’ll get the option of an account, then from the list, click on your AOL account.
  • After that, click on your account name found on the screen to move to the account’s sync options location.
  • Shut the slider button close to all the options then un-sync the AOL mail account from the Android device.
  • Then, if you want to erase your AOL email account from the Android device, click on the menu icon found on the upper-right corner of your android screen then choose Remove account option on the drop-down menu.

Voila! Your AOL email account will be deleted entirely from your Android phone. You’ll receive a message immediately saying, “We are sorry to lose you as an AOL user.”

Deleting AOL Account on Mac

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  • Navigate to the Menu then choose on “System Preferences’
  • Hit on “Internet Accounts”
  • Having done that, choose the email that you want to erase from Mac from the list that appears.
  • Since you are interested in deleting the AOL account, click on it.
  • After clicking on it, hit on the [-] button. Alternatively, click on Delete key on your Mac’s keyboard.
  • Confirm that you want to delete the account.
  • The AOL account will be deleted from Mac with its related emails.

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