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1. On your Mac, start by opening the Safari Internet Browser. The safari icon resembles a blue compass located on your applications folder.

2. Then click on the Safari menu found on the menu bar of Mac’s screen left upper corner. Immediately it opens a drop-down menu. When you spot a different app’s identification on the upper-left corner, dial the Safari icon once more.

3. After that, click on Preferences found on the drop-down menu that will later open the Safari browser settings found on a new window.

  • As an alternative, you can use command plus comma buttons on your keyboard at once, and preferences will automatically open.

4. Click the Security tab that looks precisely as a lock icon located on top of the preferences tab.

5. Finally, look at the box close to Block Pop-up windows. All pop-up windows appearing when you close or open a web page will be blocked by Safari. Alternatively, you can change it whenever you want through unchecking the box from preferences.

Disabling Pop up Blocker Using Google Chrome for Mac

1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on the Mac. This software icon is a tiny blue circle with green, red, and yellow components wrapped in it. Furthermore, you can get on the applications folder.

2. On the menu bar found on the left upper corner of the screen, click on the Chrome menu, and a drop-down menu will open. If a different app’s name appears in the upper-left corner, be sure to click the Chrome icon once more.

3. Once more, click Preferences located on the drop-down menu. Your Chrome browser settings will open in a new tab.

4. Scroll down then click on Show advanced settings, written in blue letters on the bottom side of the settings tab.

5. After that, dial the Content Settings button, and it will display your content in a new pop-up window.

6. Move down to pop-ups sections. It’s located between the flash and the location.

7. Choose “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups.” Chrome software will finally prevent all pop-up windows shown when you close or open a web page.

8. Under pop-ups, click on manage exceptions. This opens a new window that shows a list of all pop-up exceptions. Additionally, saved pop-up from websites within the exceptions list will not be blocked by Chrome.

9. Now click on the X button close to a website found on the list. Immediately, an X appears. Click on it and to delete the website available on the list.

10. To finish, click Done to save the settings then close the window pop-up. Again click Done to save on the new pop-up options.

Disabling pop-up Blocker using Firefox (Mac)

1. From the Firefox menu, select Preferences.

2. After that, choose the Security and Privacy tab that’s located beneath permission.

3. To stop the pop-up blocker, ensure you uncheck the disable pop-up windows tab.

4. Click on Exceptions followed by URL(s) to permit some pop-ups.

5. Having done that, close the window.

6. Finally, click OK.

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