There are times when you are in need of some extra money and there is not enough time to find a job. Although there are many classic ways to earn money, the best approach would be to find an innovative way to sell your talents and skills.

Nowadays, there are many online services that allow users to earn money for making different types of contributions.

When it comes to introverts, online resources serve as a rewarding option for finding reliable short-term moneymaking solutions. Listed below are a few feasible ways to earn money in the absence of a regular job.

  1. Sell Your Reading Skills

If you are good at reading and detecting mistakes, you are a perfect candidate for proofreading. There are many online sites that offer proofreading projects for those who are interested and eligible. You can apply online and try working on a few sample assignments. If your work is of acceptable quality, you will receive payments as per the rules imposed by the online platform. Some of the top sites that offer proofreading and editing projects are as follows.

  • Writer’s Relief.
  • Up work.
  • Freelancer.
  • Pure Content.
  • Scribe Media.
  1. Online Surveys

When you are venturing into shorter moneymaking ideas, you cannot ignore the role of survey sites that are getting along quite popularly. These sites are associated with manufacturers and companies that seek to improve their products with the help of public surveys.

Although most of the surveys allow the user to make a small amount of money there are some sources that provide a fairly impressive payout for conducting detailed surveys. Some of the top sites that can help you in making money are Survey Junkie and Swag bucks.

  1. Blogging

If you are interested in online social networks, you can make money through blogging. However, it is not a feasible solution if you need money on an urgent basis. Blogs take time to get popular and depending on the marketing efforts exhibited by the blogger, the returns may not be steady. However, before you could start making money, you need to optimize your blog by publishing quality content and attracting more readers. As the traffic flowing into your site increases, you can adopt the following strategies to monetize your blog.

  • Promote an offline business. You can promote your own business or someone else’s.
  • Provide freelancing services like content writing, designing works, coaching, consultation, etc.
  • Sell virtual products like ebooks, apps, software, printable images, courses, etc.
  • Sell real products like books, paintings, and other merchandise.
  • Start affiliate marketing for reputed sites like Amazon.
  • Use your blog for advertising various types of products and services. Some of the popular methods are ad networks, sponsored posts, video advertising, RSS advertising, job boards, and text links.
  • You can organize events like workshops and conferences and earn money from participants.
  1. Use Your Teaching Skills

If you are good at teaching, you can start home tuitions for kids. This may sound a tiresome job but once you get started you would enjoy it. However, you should only choose subjects that you are confident about. Also, select kids belonging to lower grades so that you can deal with their queries without any difficulty.

This is a fairly good option to make some decent money on a temporary basis. You can get assistance from your friends and neighbors to find kids for your home tuitions, to attract more kids to offer your services, for a small number of fees. However, you should mention in advance the duration for which you would be offering the service so that kids can make alternate arrangements.

  1. Article Submission

If you are familiar with content writing jobs, you would know how article submissions can help you in making money. There are many sites that pay writers for submitting original articles and blogs. There are sites like Strong Whispers, College Humor, Watch Culture, and Developers Tutorials that pay writers for submitting articles that match their requirements. If you are skilled in writing blogs and promotional content, you can surely make money out of these sites.

  1. Freelance Photoshop Jobs

If you have some experience working on photo editing software like Photoshop, you can easily make money by doing some photo editing projects. You can find such projects from online sources. You can directly search from Google or visit sites like that post this kind of job on a regular basis. You have to place your bid for getting selected for the project. The user who has posted the project would compare the bidders and select one based on their quotes and work profile. Some of the top sites where you can find lots of Photoshop jobs are as follows.

  • Up work.
  • Two ago.
  • People Per Hour.
  • Freelancer.
  1. Sell Your Used Clothes

If you have lots of used clothes stacked up in your wardrobe it is about time to clear the clutter. There are many online sites that allow users to sell unwanted clothes and earn some quick money.

You can fetch a very good amount for designer clothes, jackets, and branded outfits that are in good shape. You can dry-clean them and offer on sale. There are also sites that only deal in used wedding dresses. Some of the top sites that are known for buying used clothes are.

  • Thred Up.
  • The Real Real.
  • Posh mark.
  • Vinted.
  1. Sell Used Electronics

Used electronics include a variety of items like tablets, laptops, computers, video games, smartwatches, sound systems, and mobile phones. There are many online and offline stores that buy such items for a decent price. They refurbish the products and sell them again to new users at a higher price.

You can also find stores in your town that buy old and defective home appliances like water purifiers, induction cooktops, and coffeemakers. The price you can fetch would depend on the extent of damage sustained. Some of the popular sites that deal in used electronics are,, and