Losing an expensive gadget can be quite worrisome but you don’t have to worry anymore if it is an bwhich is paired with your iPhone.

The advanced tracking technology incorporated by Apple allows the user to locate their lost or stolen Apple watch with the help of its powerful application called “Find My iPhone”.

In this article, we will be learning how to use this application to find the location of a missing Apple watch.

  1. Sign into iCloud.Com or Find My iPhone

  • To locate your missing Apple watch, you need to use the tracking feature of your iCloud service or Find my iPhone app. With the help of your Apple ID, you can log into iCloud.com from your iPhone or Mac computer and track your watch.
  • But you can skip this step and directly open the “Find my iPhone” application from your iPhone. You would need to enter your Apple ID and password for using the application.
  • Note that, you can use this application for finding a lost device only if you have activated the application on your Apple device.
  1. Locate Your Apple Watch

  • If you had opened iCloud.com you have to navigate to the option “Find iPhone”. Then select the option “All Devices”. Under that you will find all the Apple devices that are connected with your Apple account.
  • From that find the option “Apple Watch” and tap on it.  And if you have opened the Find my iPhone application, look for Apple Watch and tap over it.
  • Now wait for the device to search the location of your missing watch. Within seconds you should be able to see the location displayed on a map of your nearby area.
  1. Get Your Watch to Play Sound

  • If you have lost your Apple watch in your office or home, this is a very good option to locate it immediately. Once you have found the location of your watch, you will be able to see 3 options below the map.
  • The first option is “Play Sound”. Click on it to make your watch play a ringtone. This tone would stop only when you select the option “Dismiss”.
  • However, if you are unable to hear the ringing it would imply that you have lost it somewhere beyond your hearing range.
  1. Activate the Lost Mode

  • By following the aforementioned steps if you are not able to locate the Apple watch you can protect your personal information stored in the watch by activating the Lost Mode.
  • This option is located next to the “Play Sound” option. Click on it and your watch would be securely locked and no one can access your stored data.
  • The feature also provides you an option to display a contact number and message on your Apple watch so that whoever finds the watch can get in touch with you. When you activate the feature, you will get options to enter these additional details.
  1. Find Your Watch

You can retrieve your paired Apple watch as per the location displayed on the map of your “Find my iPhone” application. However, in certain cases you may not find the location. This can happen due to following reasons:

  • Your paired Apple watch doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you haven’t activated “Find my iPhone” feature on your iPhone.
  • If someone has used your Apple ID and password to change the settings.

However, you can still erase the data in your watch from the “Actions” menu of your “Find my iPhone” app. You can also contact local authorities and provide the serial number of your watch to help them locate it using other advanced tracking technologies.

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