An Apple watch is a high performing device that has many functions and features. The advanced features and applications consume its battery power that cannot last more than 18 to 20 hours when the Bluetooth is active. For this reason, the watch has a Power Reserve mode which turns off all the functions of the watch except the digital display of time. In other words, when your Apple watch is on low power mode, all you can do is check the time by pressing the button on its side. So if you are not sure how to disable this power reserve mode, here is how you can do it.

  1. Charge Your Apple Watch

Whenever the battery percentage of your Apple watch reaches around 10 percent, it provides an alert and prompts you to switch on the Power Reserve option. However, if you ignore it, the watch would automatically switch to low power mode in order to conserve the available battery charge.  In this mode, you can check the time whenever you press the side button. Along with time, it would flash a red sign indicating that the battery charge is too low.  So before you attempt to disable the low power mode you need to charge the Apple watch. Charge for around 10 to 15 minutes before you proceed with the next step.

  1. Press the Side Button

To bring your Apple watch out of its power reserve mode, you need to press the side button of your Apple watch. This button is located on the right side of the watch, just below the Home button. Keep the button pressed until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

  1. Wait for the Device to Restart

Once the logo appears you can release the button. Wait for a minute or 2 until the watch restarts. It takes nearly 2 minutes for an Apple watch to turn on fully. After it is turned on, you can check all the functions and features.

  1. Off Power Reserve Mode

Although there are many ways to turn on the Power Reserve mode, the only way to turn it off is explained above. However, if your watch fails to turn on, you should try charging again for 30 to 45 minutes. If the battery is fully drained it may take some time to draw enough power. Also, check the screen when you connect the charger. The screen should display a green lightning bolt symbol which indicates that the battery is getting charged.