Tinder is a mobile application, particularly used for dating. Like other mobile applications, you can use Tinder for chatting.

Message Someone on Tinder without Paying

You do not have to pay anything to chat with someone on Tinder. You just have a mutual interest with each other to begin a conversation.

  • Open ‘Tinder’ app and check your profile picture. Your profile picture is going to create an impression about you. Make sure to have good and decent photos that can impress the one you want to talk with.
  • Make some matches. To make matches, you and other person need to like each other’s profile photos.
  • Once after making a match, start a conversation. Some people recommend waiting for a day to start a conversation. Depending on your interests, you can either wait or start a conversation immediately.
  • Don’t be too aggressive and don’t ask awkward questions, as these things can spoil the mood of your conversation. Start a conversation very decently and take it to the next level slowly.
  • Be natural and yourself. Do not show that you are desperate to meet her, but still request to meet her sooner.

Message Someone on Tinder that You Know

Chatting with unknown persons is easy. However, if you find someone that you already know on Tinder – https://tinder.com/, what would you do? Of course, you can chat with them except if they are not your ex, co-worker, senior or someone you respect the most.

  • Open the ‘Tinder’ app on your device. Make matches. Tap on the ‘Chat’ icon.
  • Begin chatting with the known person. You already know them, so you do not have to start too formal or general. Instead, you can directly ask or say what you want to.
  • Dating that person depends on you and them. You cannot single-handedly decide anything on your own.
  • If she or he is also interested in dating with you, you can take the conversation to the next level. You can decide and fix the place where you want to meet.

Message Someone on Tinder

Messaging someone on Tinder might sound easy to you. Some girls like men to start a general conversation, whereas some other girls look for comments to their profile photos right at the start of the conversation. You have to prepare yourself to satisfy the expectations of the other.

  • Open the ‘Tinder’ app on your device and click on the ‘Chat’ icon. You can find the chat icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on ‘Matches’ to make matches. You will see new matches appear on the top of the screen in the ‘New Matches’ section.
  • You can see ongoing conversations in the ‘Messages’ section.
  • Make sure to remember that you can only chat with those you are matched with.
  • After making matches, type a message. You can send GIF as well on chat. After typing, tap on ‘Send’ to deliver the message to the other, and wait for their reply.


No matter either you chat with a known person or unknown person on Tinder, you should not show that you are too desperate for dating. This will not create a good impression about you.