Making a French Braid is an elegant way to style your hair. If you know how to make a single French Braid, it would be easier to make 2 French Braids. It is an ideal hairstyle that can make you look neat and stylish. Described below is a simple step by step explanation on how to make 2 French Braids.

  1. Prepare your Hair

For making a stylish French Braid, you need smooth hair. And when it comes to 2 Braids, there is a higher risk of tangling. So you need to make sure that your hair has been well conditioned before you begin with the braiding. Use a dry shampoo to wash your hair and condition with branded nourishing oil. You can also use a texturing spray to smoothen the frizzy ends.

  1. Make a Partition

Create a neat partition with the help of a rattail comb. The partition should be straight, beginning from your hairline and ending at the nape. The braids may not look equally thick if the partition is not proper. So make sure that the volume of hair on either side is equal. Comb your hair well and clear any tangles before you begin.

  1. Start Braiding

Now take some hair from the hairline region on one side and start making a French braid. Make 3 equal sections of the hair and lay them one over the other. This is the starting point of your braid so check in the mirror to ensure that it looks good and well placed. Thus, you will be creating a foundation for the first braid and this should ideally involve 2 to 3 inches of hair near the hairline area.

  1. Keep it Tight and Even

Slowly repeat the braiding process and add equal portions of hair from either side of the braid. Make sure that the braid doesn’t lie too close to the central partition. It should be placed more towards the side of your head. While adding new sections of hair pull and hold all the previous sections tightly.

  1. Tie the Tip

Continue braiding all the way down. You can leave 2 inches of hair at the tip and tie the braid using a hair band. If you want a longer free end, you can stop the braiding when you reach the nape area and secure the braid using a band. Note that depending on the length of your hair you can stop the braid anywhere below the nape.

  1. Repeat the Steps on the Other Side

Check the placing of the braid and repeat the same steps on the other side of the partition. Your second braid should be placed symmetrically when compared to the first one. Check the mirror frequently as you work your way down. Now you have 2 great-looking French braids on either side. If your hair is layered, you can use pins to arrange the hair tips that stick out from the braids. To get a smooth finish you can use a suitable hairspray.