Among the different web browser platforms available for MAC, Google Chrome is fast becoming one of the popular choices for the users.

There are several games and web applications that open up easily on this browser; it is also a lightweight application that offers several themes, extensions, privacy management, and data synchronization features.

If you wish to download Chrome for your MAC OS, the steps are mentioned below.

  1. Find a Reliable Download Source

Though MAC OS does not come with Chrome as a default browser application, this program can be easily found from different reliable sites. It is necessary to determine the version which would be compatible with the MAC OS version you are using before you download from a link. Once you determine a download link, choose to download the program by agreeing to the license terms and conditions that are showcased.

  1. Installation of Chrome

Chrome installer program will then download. If the program is being downloaded through Safari there is a download icon on the top right-hand corner which will monitor the progress of the same. After the download is completed installer is located in Downloads folder.

  1. Launching Installer

After installer of Chrome is downloaded, you need to.

  • Double click on the file named googlechrome.dmg which launches an installer.
  • A window opens up and here you can drag the icon of Chrome; this will then include Chrome in the list of Applications of the same folder.
  • After installation is complete you will receive a message confirming the same.
  1. Clean up Installer Files

This can be done by opening Finder window; under Devices one can click on Google Chrome.

  • In the Downloads folder one will find the installer file called googlechrome.dmg.
  • This can be moved to trash and this folder can be emptied as well.

This will help to free up space on your hard drive.

  1. Start to Use Google Chrome

After the above steps are completed you can open up Google Chrome and use it as the web browser of choice.

  • It can be used as the default web browser by making certain changes in the Settings.
  • The Settings options are found by clicking on the three dots menu.
  • Under Settings, there is an option to set Chrome as a default browser.

The above steps elaborate the ease with which you can download Chrome for your MAC OS and set it as your default web browser.

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