Being under 16, it is really difficult to get any decent job. But, you need money as in pocket money for expenses, eating and shopping occasionally outside and more. Also, being able to do a little research as to how you can earn a little by spending your time productively is a good thing nevertheless. Here are some ways that can help you to earn some money as a kid.

  1. Going Online

If you are a kid, you know more about the internet than your parents did anyway. This is how the generation improves over older people. While finding a job that pays was a difficult thing many years ago, it isn’t today.

  • You can go online and sign up for websites that pay you decent for taking surveys. Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn some money. You can take the help of your family to get the sign-up, link the accounts and other stuff.
  • Always be open to your parents about things you are doing or planning to do. This keeps you safe from scams.

A lot of websites offer surveys but don’t pay well or pay at all. These are called scams. Ask your parents to do their research and suggest some websites to work on. Sometimes a week of surveys, like 20 minutes a day can earn you up to $100. This is really a good sum for a teenager or a middle-grade kid. So basically, do the following.

  • Go online and look for legitimate and well-paying survey sites.
  • Do your research and show it to your parents and ask for their opinion.
  • Ask them to help you find a good one too.
  • Sign up for the website, it is free mostly.
  • Check with your parents for information that they ask you.
  • Work on them, fill surveys.
  1. Start a Business

  • A better way to earn some money is to put up a business. If you are into baking, art or some other hobby, ask your parents to be able to sell those stuff to people.
  • In your community, go around and distribute some pamphlets to your neighbors and around and ask them if they want something done. There is always a lot of stuff that is around but unknown.
  • You can start a great business making chocolates if you are good. Once it starts with some small orders from relatives, very soon it can become a good paying business. As a teenager with an hour or a few hours on a weekend, you may earn you up to $100 to $200.

Similarly, you can go for a pet sitting business as well. A pet sitting business is a worth paying business too. A lot of people go on tours and keep traveling. But, they do have pets at home and they want somebody to sit them. Sometimes, you might find just a job for taking their dogs for a walk every weekend. These are all good-paying jobs putting up to $100 to $200 every week. So, basically you do the following:

  • Look for a skill you have, watching over pets, baking, art, etc.
  • Look for your community, neighbors, and people who need some work done.
  • Ask your parents for help, they might have friends and relatives who need something.
  • Take their help to get started, gather resources.
  1. Don’t Churn Around Fast Ways

One of the bummers, when looking for makes money. In those ads that always declare that you can make money the fastest way, many of them are all scams. Steer away from these ads and do not even bother without asking your parents. Ask a lot of people around you, your friends and relatives if they have any ideas. Do not resort to ads because they are all too tempting to be true. Better than ads, look for websites that are actually doing well.

  • Look for websites that started a while ago.
  • Ask for opinions or reviews regarding that website.
  • Don’t volunteer for jobs offline without reviews either.
  • Working at a library or helping to stack newspapers and magazines might sound very simple, but don’t be so happy about them just from the looks.
  • Stay safe from most scams by involving friends and family and everybody.
  1. Working at a School

A lot of schools allow kids to take part in weekly activities that pay too. For example, you can volunteer for some charity and can earn Amazon Gift Cards. This is fun and is worth trying too. It depends on if your school regularly hosts such events or not. In many schools it is. Similarly, keep a note of events organized in your own community or area where you live. There are family events and cultural events where you can volunteer for helping with decorations, shopping and more. People can pay you for helping them with their stuff.

  1. Contests Held Online

There are plenty of websites that host contests. You can participate in them regularly and try to make some money. This is the hard way though, but if you are good at your skills like art and stuff; you can always go and participate.

One thing to note is that all these jobs may not work for you or where you are living. It depends on what you are, where you live and what you can do. So, try and test which one works and sticks to it.

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Sell Outgrown Clothes And Toys

With a little parental guidance a 12yearold who is familiar with the Internet can make earn money online by selling gently used items on eBay. Using a parent’s account, kids with basic Internet skills can list items, add photos and monitor bids.

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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the minimum employment age is 14 for many jobs, though federal law also restricts the number of hours that a 14- or 15- year old can work each week. Workers aged 16 or 17 aren’t subject to federal restrictions on work hours.

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