There are lots of simple exercises that you can do right at home to reduce belly fat. There is nothing complicated in the process. To perform exercises for reducing fat, especially those stagnated for years around the belly is difficult, but not impossible. Here we list some of the best ones and those which are easy to perform, especially if you are obese right now.

  1. Do More Crunches than Anything Else

With zero effort on purchasing anything at all, you can start with your crunches right away. This is an effective way to manage your extra fat and you can deal with it properly if taken care. The best part is that you have to go for it on your own. This is a mental challenge. When you are beginning, this can be really tiring just after two or three crunches, but soon and to practice every day, it gets easier and easier to do it. It is easy and here are some steps to help with the same.

  • Start with your back lay comfortably on the floor.
  • Be comfortable with your hands and legs spread properly.
  • Hold your hands behind your head to support it when pulling yourself forward.
  • Pull yourself forward and try to bend your body over towards your feet.
  • This is one set till you return back on the floor with your head resting on your hands.
  1. Twist Crunches are Also Effective

Though seemingly easier than the crunches, this makes the step a bit more simple and faster. Your natural tendency is to get twisted because staying straight and the firm is difficult. So, following your natural tendency to try to twist your body and keep it that way. This helps to involve a lot more stuff in a small place. You can complete this exercise within the size of your yoga mat without going or taking your body anywhere else. No jumping or spreading legs anywhere. All you need to do is twist your abdomen muscles and trigger the fat cells to burn.

It is also one of the effective ways to burn stomach fat faster. Moreover, it helps strengthen your muscles around the chest and ribs. This is a great exercise for the tummy.

  • You start with lying comfortably on the floor as in the previous case.
  • Also, you keep your head rested on your hands itself.
  • Lift your upper torso in this case and twist or bend sideways, left and right, alternatively.
  • You can pull your legs in the form of angle to assist in the same when beginning.

Effectively, keeping or trying to keep your legs straight is the best way. This makes your stomach burn fat much faster than anything. Even running on the treadmill is not that effective.

  1. Take the Stairs

When trying to climb the stairs up and down, this simple form of exercise helps you balance your weight against gravity.

  • Pulling it up and down involves work. The abdomen gets triggered when you do this several times in a set.
  • Taking the stairs every time instead of the lift is a fine way to induce this burning in your body. In your office or at your apartment try to take the stairs as often as you can.


There is an alternate version where you can go a step ahead to make things easier. Try to pull your legs in the form of an angle to assist moving your body forward. This helps the whole setup even more and it is better to go with it. If you are just beginning, then you want to do it this way, because of its ease and support.