Many people long for gorgeous and thick hair. Weaves and hair extensions are one of the ways to have thicker hair. However, there are also natural ways to bring your hair into that state. Ways that won’t cost you a ton of money and the results will be way more lasting. What follows is a compilation of three super-effective methods on how to grow a glossy and thick hair naturally.

  1. Change your Hair Washing Routine

Daily washing your hair does more harm than good to your hair. What it does is it removes the natural oils that derive from your scalp. Their goal is to keep your hair healthy and protected. It’s much healthier if you wash the hair three or four times a week. That way your hair can genuinely benefit from the oils that are naturally produced from your scalp. Also, stop with the hot water, and turn to cold water instead. Hot water causes the hair to get brittle and dry. On the other hand, cold water protects the hair from damage and enables hair shaft to lie flat.

  1. Use Hair Products with Top Ingredients

The fact that there are so many hair products on the market only makes things even more confusing for most people. However, for best thickening results, the hair product of your choice needs to contain some or preferably all of these ingredients:

  • Keratin: Human hair already contains keratin. So adding some more of this protein only strengthens it and provides hair with moisture while keeping it strong and healthy.
  • Hyaluronic: Even though it’s more often found in skincare products, it is one of the best ingredients to add plenty of moisture to the hair. It also slows down the aging of the scalp, promotes thicker tresses and enables healthier hair.

  • Salicylic Acid: The word acid is the last thing that many people like to hear when talking about hair and skin. However, in this case, light touches of salicylic acid can clean the scalp as nothing else and encourage healthier growth.
  • Chamomile and Aloe: These two ingredients can calm any itchy scalp and turn it into the perfect foundation for a luscious and thick hair.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5: The pro-Vitamin B5 is one of the most essential ingredients for a think and healthy hair. It works wonders for hair’s elasticity while at the same time it enables the body to absorb all minerals and vitamins better.
  1. Brushing & Drying

Use the blow dryer, the hot rollers, and the curling iron only for special occasions. By doing so, you are heating the shaft and pulling a bunch of roots, causing damage every time you do so. Instead, opt for air dry. Let it dry on its own, naturally. As far as brushing goes, it is recommended to do it on a daily basis. That way you can effectively remove any dead hair and exfoliate the scalp.