We notice hanging plants almost everywhere and feel an instant urge to put up one in our place.

Well, setting up one for you is not that a tedious task after allHanging plants not only add beauty to a place but also saves a lot of space and keeps it safe from children and petsHowever, with a bit of enthusiasm, information, and work, you can hang plants in your indoor or outdoor gardens yourselves.

  1. Find the Perfect Spot to Hang the Plants

This might seem like a step to consider after you have made the basic arrangements, but it is important that you fix a place where you would like to hang the plant keeping in mind the requirements and convenience.

  • For example, some plants require sufficient sunlight for growth, and some don’t. Some are vining plants which grow longer in length and hence you have to determine a spot that can accommodate the long strings of the plant.
  • Primarily select a place where you have a hook/could drill a hook easily. \
  1. Select the Appropriate Plants for Hanging

In connection with the previous step, you can choose plants according to the place where you wish to hang them. If it is in the open or outdoor, then pick some sun-loving plants, if it is an indoor setup, and then choose less messy and shade-loving plants.

  • Also, if you are a busy person then select plants that require minimal watering and always keep in mind the climate of your place.
  • Some plants suitable for hanging are petunias, ivy, Ferns, Pansies, Sweet Potato vines, Silver bells, etc.
  1. Set up the Basket

  • For this, choose a basket of suitable size and then line it up cleanly with coir or peat moss.
  • After doing that, set up a plate or compost bag if you want the roots to have conserved moisture or fill it halfway with draining potting mix.
  • Mix appropriate compost and fertilizers into it and cut slits in the basket if you are planning to plant in the sideways.
  1. Do the Planting Cleverly

If you are planning to accommodate more than one type of plant in a basket, then first fill up the compost halfway and then the first plant the ones that are going to stick out from the bottom sideways.

  • Then fill up the basket carefully and proceed to plant in the center first, then align all the other plantings around the center plant and secure it.
  • Irrigate them lightly and allow it to settle before you hang them.
  1. Hang the Plants in Suitable Ways

If you already have a hook, then fix the adjustable chains to your basket and hang them appropriately. If not, then find the right spot.

  • Planning to hang on the ceiling then drill a hole into the ceiling, find a suitable hook capable to sustain the weight of your basket and then slightly push the hook into the hole and twist it carefully.
  • Once it is secured, hang the plants via the ring on the chain. If you are planning to hang it on the walls, make sure that the hooks are in an appropriate distance from the wall. Mounted wall hooks and swag hooks are most sought after for this purpose.


  • Understand the types and requirements of your plants.
  • Water them regularly and multiple times in summer.
  • Remove dry leaves and flowers.
  • Add fertilizers in small quantities as per the necessities and let the plants add beauty to the place.

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