Setting up your new Chromecast is simple.

It is a dongle that helps you stream your favorite content from the small Android and iOS smartphones to the big screen such as the TVDeveloped by Google, you can find everything you need about setting up your Chromecast at their Google Support webpageWe list here the essential steps.

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  1. Plug Your Device

This step is self-explanatory, yet we would like to shed some light. The Chromecast is a USB powered device. You plug it in your TV on the rear side to power it or use the adapter and power from an outlet. The Chromecast has an HDMI connector that goes into your TV.

  • There are two ends to the dongle.
  • The one with the HDMI goes into your TV.
  • The small USB is used to power the device. It’s the other end is a regular USB.
  • If you have a regular USB on your TV, connect to it.
  • If you don’t have a regular USB, connect it to an adapter and then to a power socket.
  1. Download the Google Home App

Before setting up the device for use, you need to also download the free Google Home app. Because it is from Google, you must have a Gmail address to continue. The Google Home app can be found here. It is also available for iOS from the App Store.

  • Create a Google Account.
  • Sign in into your Google Play and download the Google Home app.
  • Log into the app and search for available devices. Note the Wi-Fi connection you are using.
  1. Connect to the Dongle

Once you have successfully completed the above step, the Chromecast dongle will show a blinking LED for its status. It should be able to broadcast itself. We will now connect it to our internet.

  • As you have already installed the app, opening the same will show you that it has found a new Chromecast device.
  • It will ask you to give it an appropriate name on a tab.
  • In the next tab, it will ask you to select a Wi-Fi network to connect the device to.
  • Here, you must choose the same network that your smartphone is connected to. The same you had noted in the above step.
  1. Set up Your Chomecast Now

The setting up of your Chromecast is given here in more detail. The first step starts with identifying a temporary name assigned to the device for example, Chromecast8822. You have to tap on “Continue”. Then a confirmation code like the OTP is beamed to your TV’s monitor. You need to click here “I see it” on the smartphone.

  • The next steps are the same as the above. You have to name the device and select the right network.
  • Both the streaming device and the dongle must be on the same network.
  1. Cast Music and Video from Your Phone

When you want to actually stream content, you have to use compatible apps. For example, YouTube and Netflix support casting directly from the app to your TV via the Chrome cast. This support is offered by Google. There are also many third-party apps on the Play Store that support external device for casting.

  • When you open a video or music on the smartphone through Netflix, for example, look for the Chromecast logo.
  • It is present usually on the right corner etc.
  • Click on it and the app will automatically start mirroring the video to the TV.


  • It is important to use compatible apps like Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube for best results.

Always make sure both the streaming device and dongle are on the same Wi-Fi network.

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