Sonos has been in the tech industry for quite some time now.

From their wide range of devices, their speakers stand out the mostWhile owning these devices, it is wise for everyone to have a basic grip on how to take care of themA lot of minor problems might arise while you are using such devicesYou shouldn’t have to rush to professionals for tinny issuesIn that case, to help you solve it yourself we have compiled a list of things you can doMore than often just resetting the device will get the job done.

Resets are also of various types. It is advised never to instantly go for the hard or factory reset. Only opt for it if you want to wipe out the existing account. Start by a soft reset and then go for the hard reset only in extreme situations.

Soft Reset

This is by far the easiest and the least technical step. Everyone should first start off by doing a soft reset to their speaker. Most of the time you will see that your tiny issues will be resolved as soon as you’re done with this. To soft reset, your speakers, start by disconnecting your speaker from the socket. This will turn the speaker off since there won’t be any electricity supply. Let them stay shut down for around 10 to 15 seconds. After waiting for a while, but the cable attached to the speakers back in the socket. This will turn your speakers back.

This is a basic and classic way to reset your speakers without doing anything technical. You will be just turning it off and on. If your problem continues then maybe its time for you to move on to the next step.

Hard Reset

This one, as the name suggests will be a little more technical than the previous one. The process varies depending on which model of the speakers you own. Before you start, keep in mind that once you do a hard or a factory reset all your data will be wiped out permanently. This means all the accounts int registered with, your playlists and other histories. Let’s start with how to reset the 1, Play: 3, Play: 5, Sub, Playbase, or Playbar.

First, start by locating the button to reset your speaker. You will have a pause or a join button depending on whichever speaker you are using. Play 1, Play 3, Play 5 (generation 1) and Playbar will have a pause button. You will use this button when you are carrying out the reset. For Play 5 (generation 2), Sub, Playbase, and Beam there will be a join button on your device. The join button will be the one that has an 8 or infinity like symbol on top of it.

Pause Button Option

For those who have the speaker with the pause button first of all disconnect your speakers from the socket. Once done wait a few seconds and give it the tie to cool down if you were using it. The next step will be connecting your speakers to the socket. Insert the cable attached to your speaker inside the socket to get it started. Once it is started, press on the Pause button and hold tight. You have to keep pressing it for about 9 to 10 seconds until you see a white LED light flashing.

Keep holding until the LED light turns orange. Leave it when it turns orange. Let the speaker reset itself for a while. When the light turns green, it means your reset has finished successfully. The reset will take a maximum of 30 seconds.

Join Button Option

This process is all those users who have a Join button on their speakers. First of all, start by locating the position of the button. Next up disconnect your speakers, wait a while, and then connect them back again. When you connect your speakers to the socket they will instantly turn on. Now, go to the Join button.

Press and hold on to the button at least 10 seconds. When you do this, you will notice that there will be a white LED light flashing. Don’t worry, you are going right.

Now, keep holding on to the button and don’t let go. When you keep pressing on the Join button, the white light will turn into orange light after around 30 more seconds. Now let it be for 30 ore seconds. Look out for the green LED light. You will be done when you see a green light flashing on the top of your speakers where the white and orange light was.

You have successfully factory reset your speaker as well. This is the most helpful if you want to register from another account. This will easily get rid of any previous accounts and data.

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