How do I save audio from WeChat?

Go to the Chats tab in WeChat, find and open the conversation with the contact who has sent you music or audio files through WeChat. Find the music and tap on it to download music from Wechat to your mobile phone.

How do I save WeChat messages to my computer?

Click Chat Backup in WeChat Settings. Step 3. Click Backup on Phone button to save your chat history from WeChat to computer.

How do I get voice messages on WeChat?

Find WeChat voice messages in File Manager

Choose the Internal storage other than external SD card. Navigate to tencent > MicroMsg. Find a sub-folder with very long name, a string of random letters. Open this folder, look for the ‘favorite’ folder.

Where are WeChat messages stored on PC?

Android WeChat messages are stored in EnMicroMsg. db file. Detailed path is: data\data\com .\MicroMsg\database\EnMicroMsg.

How long does WeChat keep chat history?

5 . However, your chat history will be kept permanently within the app on your device as long as the app is not removed and the phone has sufficient storage space.

Does WeChat save chat history?

Part 3: Backup and Restore WeChat Chat History with “Chat Log Migration Function” Step 1: First of all, open WeChat on your device. Step 2: Now, for Android users, head to the “Me” option followed by “Settings”. Tap on “Chats” and then “Backup & Migrate Chats” option.

Where can I find WeChat chat history?

How use WeChat recovery?

open “Cok Wechat Recovery” software, set the WeChat type as “iOS(iPhone and iPad)” and data path as the folder “Documents” that is exported just now, click “Read data” button, choose one WeChat user that you want to view and then click “view chat history” button.

How can I unhide WeChat messages?

How do I forward WeChat chat history?

How do I backup WeChat history on my computer?

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  1. Open WeChat on the PC.
  2. Click ☰.
  3. Click Backup and Restore.
  4. Click Back up on PC.
  5. Tap Backup All on your Android.

Can you hide chat on WeChat?

On Android, long-press the chat and press hide. Then confirm that you want to hide the chat. On iPhone, swipe right on the chat to reveal the options and press hide, then confirm that you want to hide the chat.

What does it mean to tickle someone on WeChat?

When you tickle someone, their profile picture wobbles. Your chat with them also moves to the top as if you texted them, but they will not get any notification until they open the chat. So, the tickle function is as purposeful as tugging on your dad’s sleeve in terms of getting their attention.

How do I archive messages on WeChat?

Select the ‘Backup on PC‘ option out of the two options on your screen. WeChat will ask for your confirmation to save WeChat messages and media data to your PC. After approval, select the conversations that you want to make a backup of. Press the ‘OK’ button and wait for the process to complete.

What happens when you clear chat history on WeChat?

When you clear the chat history, you ONLY clear the chat history on your phone. The chat history is located on 3 places: your phone, the other party’s phone and the company servers. So you can ONLY control your own chats history. You have NO chance to delete the chat history of the other person.

How do I hide friends on WeChat?

WeChat Help Center. Hide someone’s moments if you don’t want to see them updated on your timeline. If you don’t want to see a certain person’s Moments but still wish to remain friends, you can hide them. From their profile page, tap the “…” button in the top right, then Privacy and switch on Hide His/Her Posts.

How do I recall a WeChat message after 2 minutes?

Just long press the message and choose Recall and it will disappear from the conversation. Note: You can only recall the messages you’ve sent within 2 minutes of sending it. After a message is recalled, recipients will be notified.