The majority of households have coffee makers. You can hardly find a home with no coffee maker in their breakfast corner. A cup of coffee is a great way to start your day.

Here are the steps to help you get started with your Keurig coffee machine.

  • Make sure that the machine is plugged and switched on. And if it’s a machine fresh from the box or has not been used at all, consider doing a test run first or do a cleansing brew. First, fill the reservoir with water, just enough not to exceed the maximum marker. Then, place a mug under the dispenser for the hot water and then switch on the power ON button. Wait for the machine to work; heat the water. Pick the corresponding button when the cup size lights up. Wait until the machine stops dispensing the water. Then, you can start brewing your coffee.
  • Choose your coffee. Keurig machines are capable of brewing different types of beverages including hot chocolates and tea. Pick the flavor you fancy or you can try the decaf coffee if you w want to minimize your caffeine consumption. And just a little reminder: do not remove the foil lid.
  • Place the K-cup into the machine. Gently lift the handle to reveal the pod slots where you can insert the pod of your choice. Then, push the lid back to close the coffee chamber. Once closed, the coffee machine will display “Ready to Brew”, and then choose your preferred cup size.
  • Be sure to use the appropriate mug size and place it on the drip tray. Usually, a 10 ounce mug will fit into the tray, but if it is too tall, then you can remove the drip tray (but this depends on the Keurig machine model you are using)
  • Most K coffee machines have three (3) ounce options: 6, 8, and 10. But for some models of K coffee machine with 12 oz, it is better to choose the smallest size first just so you will have an idea on what mug to use in your future brewing sessions.
  • Once selected brew size is pressed, the Keurig coffee machine will then start work; pump the water, heat the water up, and brew your beverage. Wait for a couple of seconds and it will start dispensing fresh and hot coffee to your mug. Once done, lift the lid and take out the used beverage pod. Let the chamber dry first before closing it again.

How to use and install Keurig water filter

  • Soak the charcoal filter cartridge for 5 minutes in fresh clean water and rinse for 60 seconds after.
  • On the bottom part of the handle, press in the tabs on both sides and pull down to separate. Then, insert the filter cartridge.
  • Reattach the bottom of the handle.
  • Insert and firmly push the handle into the removable water reservoir. Once properly attached, your Keurig machine is ready to use.

How to use Keurig pod without Keurig coffee machine

  • Remove the foil cover from the K-pod and transfer the coffee into a clean coffee cup or mug.
  • Fill the coffee cup or mug that contains the ground coffee. Use water that is hot enough to brew the coffee. If not, then you can cover the cup and leave it for about 2 – 4 minutes.
  • Using the empty K-pod, filter the coffee from the cup to separate the coffee grounds.
  • Once successfully filtered, add your crème or milk.
  • Enjoy your fresh and hot coffee.

How to use a Keurig Duo Plus

**This machine allows you to brew coffee in two ways. It makes a cup and a pot of coffee, perfect for couples who’s always in a hurry and prefers coffee in different sizes. And Keurig Duo Plus can be stopped mid-brew for 20 seconds for instances when you want your hot coffee right away.

**Water tank or reservoir can be positioned to the left, right, or the back of the brewer.

  • Before you brew, set the reservoir position.
  • Then, plug the K machine into an outlet.
  • Install the Keurig water filter (if you have), but if none, then, fill the reservoir with fresh water up to the max fill marker.
  • Power on the machine and set the clock. Press the H/M button to set the time, then, the BREW button to confirm the time. Setting the clock also enables the auto-brew function.

How to use Keurig Duo Plus for Cleansing Brew

Single cup

  • Press the POD button and wait till the 4 size buttons to blink. Press the 8 button and the BREW indicator will light up. Then, press the BREW button to start the cleaning brew.
  • Wait for about 4 minutes for the initial heating process. The BREW light indicator will blink on and off while the machine is heating up. The light indicator will turn solid once brewing starts. The brew is complete when the BREW light indicator is not lighted up. Pour hot water into the sink.


  • Carefully place the carafe onto the drip tray. Fill the water reservoir with fresh water to the max fill line. Press the CARAFE button. Once the 4 size buttons blink, press the 8 button. Then, press the BREW button to start the cleansing brew. The brew is complete when the BREW indicator light is no longer illuminated. Pour hot water into the sink.

How to use Keurig Duo Plus for a single cup

MIAMI BEACH, FL – FEBRUARY 22: Keurig on display at Southern Kitchen Brunch hosted by Trisha Yearwood, part of The New York Times series during the 2015 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE at Loews Miami Beach Hotel on February 22, 2015 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Sergi Alexander/Getty Images For SOBEWFF)
  • Always check if the water reservoir has enough water. If not, then fill up the water tank up to the max fill line. Switch on the K machine,
  • Place a mug on the drip tray. Then, lift the pod holder to put on the K-cup pod. Then, lower the handle to close the lid.
  • Select the POD button, and select the Keurig cup feature of your preference.
  • Select your brew size. Keurig Duo Plus features a strong button if you want a stronger and bolder coffee. Once brew size is selected, your Keurig Duo Plus will start brewing and your coffee will be ready in no time. Select the STRONG button before the BREW button if you need a stronger dose.

How to use Keurig Duo Plus for a pot of coffee

  • Fill up the water reservoir and pull the filter basket to add the desired amount of ground coffee (1 tablespoon of ground coffee per cup is recommended). Reinsert the coffee filter basket completely and make sure the is on the dish tray.
  • Press the POWER button, select the CARAFE button, and then select your preferred brew size. Press the BREW button to start brewing. For bolder coffee, press the STRONG button before hitting the BREW button. Brewing is complete when the BREW light indicator is no longer illuminated.

Do not forget to always run a cleansing brew after hot choco or sweet pods to keep the needles clean.

How do you use a Keurig for the first time?

Keurig coffee makers are designed to be simple to use.

With the initial setup done, your Keurig coffee maker is ready for consistent use.

  1. Choose your pod and grab a mug.
  2. Lift the handle, insert the pod and lower the handle.
  3. Select the desired settings for your brew.
  4. Press BREW and wait for your coffee to finish.
  5. Enjoy!

Where does the water go in a Keurig?

Depending on your Keurig model, the water reservoir may be located on the side or back of the machine. Remove the lid of the reservoir and set it aside, then lift the reservoir itself up and away from the Keurig.

Do Keurigs get moldy inside?

Snopes fact checked that article and confirmed yes, Keurig machines get moldy and can make a person sick, if they are not regularly cleaned. But, that is true for most coffee makers, not just Keurigs. Keurigs can be a little trickier to clean, with the hard-to-reach compartments and water reservoir.

Do you add water to a Keurig?

It requires that you put enough water in for each cup of coffee you want to make but is fine with us. First, turn the Keurig coffee maker on by pressing the button just below the Brew button. A blue indicator light will flash showing you that you need to open the top lid. Lift the lid.

How do I refill my Keurig?

How much water do I put in my Keurig?

You can add between 6 and 10 oz. to the brewer’s Cold Water Reservoir. 10 oz. is the maximum amount that you can brew at one time with these brewers.

Why is Keurig coffee so bad?

Finally, one last problem with the Keurig and other pod coffees is in the amount of time that the beans are in contact with the water. Keurig prides itself on getting you a hot cup of coffee quickly. This, combined with the lower-than-recommended water temperature, leads to a flat, weak cup of coffee.

What is the most reliable Keurig model?

CR’s take: The Keurig K-Elite K90 is the best Keurig-branded pod brewer in our ratings. Its first-cup speed is a little slow and its brewing range could be better, but this Keurig makes up for these shortcomings with an Excellent rating for convenience and great temperature and size consistency.

Does Keurig still use DRM 2020?

Answer: Yes! This new Keurig machine is not a “2.0” Keurig. It does not have any DRM to prevent you from using whatever k-cup you desire.

How long should a Keurig last?

A Keurig coffee maker should last about 3-5 years.

Does Keurig still require special K cups?

Original Keurig brewers can use just about any pod, Keurig brand or not. Keurig’s patent on Kcups expired in 2013 so that’s when other companies jumped into the single-serve market with their own pods.

Is drip coffee better than Keurig?

The clear winner for a cost savings is the start drip coffee maker and ground coffee. Not only is the cost of the machine significantly less, the research shows that brewed coffee tastes better. If you drink one cup of coffee per day, or you are in a rush, then the quick convenience of the K-Cup is the way to go.

Are K cups bad for you?

KCups have been confirmed to be BPA-free and made of “safe” plastic, but some studies show that even this type of material can have harmful effects when heated. When you come into contact with these plastic chemicals, they can act like estrogen in your body, throwing your hormones out of whack.

What is so special about a Keurig?

The Keurig’s main appeal is how freaking simple it is. You just fill up the water tank, pop in a pod, press start, and you’ll have coffee in less than a minute. This means you won’t have to grind coffee beans, figure out how much coffee and water you actually need, or wait for a whole pot to brew. It’s that easy.

Is Keurig coffee good quality?

Keurig machines brew expensive coffee that we didn’t find particularly strong or tasty. And they often break within warranty, all while taking a toll on the environment. A Keurig also doesn’t save you much time, shaving just a few minutes off other single-cup brewing setups.