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How to Keep Ice from Melting with a Cooler

Without doubts, handling ice can be bothersome especially when you lack the appropriate tools to handle it. But if done right it is easy to keep your ice from melting when you use the right steps. Using a cooler is one of the best ways to keep your ice from melting.

1. Choose the right cooler

It is important to note that there are different types of coolers in the market that work differently.

  • Check out the reputation of the company that has manufactured the cooler.
  • Look out for the materials used to make the cooling container. We recommend that you go for a light colored cooler made of a reflective material.
  • A cooler made of nylon will at least keep your ice for a day.
  • Desist from using coolers made of metal. This is because they tend to trap heat and hence are not capable of keeping the ice from melting for a longer time.

2. Use the aluminum foil

After you have chosen the right cooler that won’t betray you, open it. Lay one layer of aluminum foil inside the cooler. There is enough evidence that point out the efficiency of aluminum foil in keeping ice from melting. This is due to its reflective surface. Do not forget this please.

3. After that, gently place the ice inside the cooler and close it

This will help your ice to last longer. If for one reason or another, you did not get a good cooler there is no case to worry. After placing the ice on the cooler and closing it. You can go ahead and wrap the cooler with a towel. This helps in preventing the ice from melting quickly.

Tips: As mentioned earlier keeping ice from melting is no way an easier task. But we are determined to help you. Once you place the ice on a cooler here are ways to keep it for a longer period especially when you want to store drinks in the cooler.

  • Add salt to ice on the cooler. Salt has an effect of reducing the freezing point.
  • As the ice melts do not drain the water from the cooler. By keeping water inside the cooler, no air comes between the ice, thereby scaling down the melting process.
  • Avoid frequent opening of the cooler.
  • Fill your cooler to the brim.
  • Keep it out the sun.

How to Keep Ice from Melting without a Cooler

Well, you might lack a cooler to keep ice from melting. But why should you worry when there are numerous ways to keep your ice. Here are some simple ways that require no skill set to perform.

1. Making large ice cubes

When making the ice ensure you make large ice cubes. This because there is less surface area that comes into contact with the heat on the surrounding.

2. Using a towel

It may sound ridiculous but yes you heard it right. You can keep your ice from melting by wrapping the cubes with a towel if you don’t have a cooler. It works because the moment the ice begins to melt, the towel becomes wet. The water in the trapped in the towel will begin to evaporate making the towel and ice to cool down. This will last the ice for a good period of time.

3. Wrap a plastic container with aluminum foil

Plastic containers are good insulators of heat. You can use them to keep your ice from melting. After putting the ice on the containers you can wrap the container with multiple layers of aluminum foil. This guarantees you best results.

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